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St Marks Pontville

Surnames R

Surname Given  Adobe Suburb Burial Age Unit Ship's Name Occupation Priest Burial Location Comment No Photo
Radcliffe Diane   Gagebrook 4/4/1984 2     Burnt to death G.F.Oliver     1477 No
Rainbird Jesse Earl   Bridgewater 20/8/1957 68     Farmer C Robinson Cremation (Alex Clarke & Son) Placement not recorded on SRCT 608 No
Rainbird Vincent Jeremiah   Lawitta 12/1/1991 67     Pensioner Donald Moffett Gretna Cemetery   1650 No
Rainbird Marcus Atholfield   Bridgewater 8/2/1995 68     Farmer Marcus Laycock St. Mark's Pontville died 5/02/1995 1721 No
Rainbird Maxwell Ivan     22/9/1997 62       Brian Horwood St. Mary's buried Malbina died 16/9/1997 1749 Yes
Ramsay Harriet Mary   Bagdad 10/1/1878 11       F B Sharland Buried in St Mark's Churchyard Daughter of a labourer 360 Yes
Ramsay Susan   Bagdad 1/11/1884 57     Wife of a farmer John K Wilmer     403 No
Ramsay Cecil Richard   Bagdad 24/11/1900   9 mths   Infant S. H. Hughes CofE Bagdad   521 No
Ramsay Augusta Jane   Bagdad 5/4/1923 61     Spinster E C Spink St. Mark's   276 No
Ramsey Robert Henry   Bagdad 27/07/1901 40     Farmer J H Corvan Bagdad Graveyard   530 No
Ransley William   Bagdad 4/4/1908 87     Labourer C H Corvan St. Mark's   112 No
Ransley Betty Louise   Bridgewater 12/11/1987 30     Pensioner R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1576 Yes N19
Rathbone Paul Rigaud   Granton 7/1/1928 10       Leonard Wall Bridgewater   321 No
Rathbone Frank Broomfield   Granton 4/10/1935 75     Lime Merchant H. Shepherd Bridgewater   410 No
Rathbone Amy Blanche   Granton 15/9/1967 76     Retired L. B. Browning St. Mary's B'Water (Burgess)   760 Yes
Rathbone Ross Lime Kiln Granton 1984       Farmer G.F.Oliver St. Mary's Bridgewater   1481 Yes
Rathbone Terence Rigaud   Claremont 25/9/2001 69     Public Servant Rev. Cyril Dann Service St. Mark's to Crematorium Placement not recorded 1812 Yes
Rayner Hilda Florence   Dromedary 24/1/1937 17     Domestic duties H. Shepherd Broadmarsh   437 Yes
Raynor Lucy Hazel   Dromedary 6/3/1935 45     Married Woman H. Shepherd Cornelian Bay Church Of England Section J site 73 404 No
Reynold Phillip Avondale Tea Tree 22/11/1847 2 months     John Burrowes Brighton Plains   78 No
Reynold Henry   Bagdad 21/8/1868 44 years   Farmer John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   305 Yes J26
Reynold Daniel   Broadmarsh 16/11/1871 39 years   Coroners Inquest John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   332 Yes I26
Reynold Percival David   Bagdad 31/12/1874 7 months     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Son of David & Mary Ann Reynold 323 No
Reynold Emily Roydon Broadmarsh 28/7/1875 9.5 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Daughter of Daniel & Mary Ann Reynold 336 No
Reynold Frederick Augustus   Black Brush 28/3/1876 4 months     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Son of David & Mary Ann Reynold 342 No
Reynolds Charlotte Augusta   Brighton 16/3/1887 67     Wife of Thomas Reynolds John K Wilmer Buried in St Mark's Churchyard   415 Yes K5
Reynolds David Thomas   Old Beach 15/6/1887 43     Farmer Thomas McDowell & John K Wilmer     416  
Reynolds Thomas   Brighton 12/12/1893 77     Farmer John K Wilmer     458 Yes K6
Reynolds Matilda   Hobart 26/07/1899 71       S. H. Hughes Pontville   499 Yes G18
Reynolds Mary Anne   Colebrook 11/6/1901 69     Farmer's wife Clarence Corvan St. Mark's   527 Yes G17
Reynolds Mary Ann   Pontville 19/3/1906 72     Widow J H Corvan Pontville   587 Yes I25
Reynolds David   Brighton 19/9/1912 68     Retired farmer C H Corvan St. Mark's   181 Yes G17
Reynolds Kathleen   Dromedary 11/11/1918 72     Wife of Orchardist E.C.Spink St. Mary B'Water   227 Yes
Reynolds Henry   Hobart 18/11/1918 60       E.C.Spink St. Mark's   228  
Reynolds James   Dromedary 2/5/1922 75     Orchardist E.C.Spink St Mary B'Water   263 Yes
Reynolds Emily Thelma Bridgewater 15/1/1925 76     wife of William Henry E C Spink St. Mark's Pontville   294 Yes K7
Reynolds William Henry Thelma Bridgewater 27/4/1925 77     Husband of Emily E C Spink St. Mark's   296 Yes
Reynolds Veronica Maud   Elderslie 20/10/1936 38       H. Shepherd Cornelian Bay   431 Yes
Reynolds Mathew    Dromedary 2/1/1937 85     Retired farmer H. Shepherd Bridgewater   435 No
Reynolds Frank Charles Cornelius   Elderslie 31/10/1953 38     Farmer C Robinson Cornelian Bay (H.C.Millington)   567 Yes
Rhodes Donald Victor   Brighton 14/5/1976 44     builder A.C.Cloudsdale St. Mark's   1339 Yes I38
Richards Harriett Honeywood Old Beach 20/8/1845 34 years     John Burrowes Brighton Plains   52 No
Richardson Sussannah   Green Point 18/3/1867 31 years   School Mistress John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Wife of George Richardson 291  
Richardson Gerald   Brighton 15/1/1986 43     Sawmiller       1519  
Riddle Margaret   Pontville 8/11/1845 58 years Thomas 1833   John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   55 Yes
Riley Susan   Broadmarsh 13/12/1899 40     Wife of farmer S. H. Hughes St Augustine's   509 No
Riley Thomas   Elderslie 1/7/1936 79       H. Shepherd Broadmarsh   424 No
Riley Jane   Pontville 10/2/1939 71     Domestic duties C E S Mitchell Pontville   356 No
Riley Richard Albert   Broadmarsh 9/9/1959 68     Farmer H. G. Biggs St. Augustine's Obit 7/09/1959 651 No
Riley James Henry   Broadmarsh 29/5/1962 75     Farmer H. G. Biggs St. Augustine's Obit 26/05/1962 686 No
Riley Edith   Broadmarsh 4/12/1984 77       G.F.Oliver Cremation Recorded as Hilda Harriett On SRCT

Placement not recorded

1493 No
Riseley Ronald Lawrence   Bridgewater 20/3/1996 52     Pensioner H. Booth Malbina Lawn   1727 Yes
Roberts William   Brighton 7/1/1867 97 years   Messenger and small dealer by Coroners Warrant John Burrowes Brighton Plains   287 No
Robertson John   Brighton 22/11/1902 80       J H Corvan     548  
Robertson Henry   Bridgewater 28/8/1920 47     Groom and handyman E.C.Spink St Mary Bridgewater   243 No
Robertson Thelma   Westerway 7/7/1983 76     Retired M. Jones Chapel Millingtons Crematorium Placement not recorded 1446 No
Robinson Samuel Hunting Ground at the M' Pits Farm   14/10/1852 40 years   Farm Servant John Burrowes Brighton Plains by Coroner's warrant 136 No
Robinson Elizabeth ?   Pontville 9/3/1882 4       John K Wilmer   4 years 10 months. Daughter of a Butcher. 381 No
Robinson Jessie   Royal Derwent Hospital 23/1/1997 81     Invalid Pensioner  H. Booth Cremation Cornelian Bay Placement not recorded 1740 No
Robottom David Neil   Granton 14/5/1974 15     Carpet layer A.C.Cloudsdale Cremated died 10/05/1974 1317 Yes
Rodwell Albert Harold   Bridgewater 5/1/1918 23     Railway employee E.C.Spink St. Mary B'Water   220 Yes
Rodwell William   Claremont 29/10/1924 64     husband of Eliza Rodwell E C Spink St. Mary's Bridgewater   291 Yes
Rodwell Eliza   Claremont 26/12/1950 90     Widow of William Rodwell C. Robinson & L.F.Benjafield Bridgewater (Clarke Bros)   544 Yes
Roe Elwyn Victor   Granton 13/2/1952       Bank Clerk, death caused by cricket ball C Robinson Cornelian Bay Alex Fyle & Son)   554 No
Rogers Charles   Constitution Hill 25/10/1910 81       J H Corvan St. Anne's   148 No
Rogers Evelyn   Bagdad 25/5/1963 71     Spinster H. G. Biggs Cremated Cornelian Bay Obit 23/05/1963 Placement not recorded 699  
Rogers Alison May Elizabeth   Brighton 30/4/1970 52     Home Duties    St. Mark's Pontville   786 Yes BT62
Rogers Claude William   Brighton 1/10/1980 50     Miller G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1392 No
Rogers Thomas Cecil   Moonah 22/4/1982 81     Retired G.F.Oliver Burial   1420 Yes BT62
Rogers Mertle Thelma   Bridgewater 9/9/1987 56       D. Hayman Chapel to Cornelian Bay Crematorium Placement not recorded 1574 No
Rogers Ena Lilla   Moonah 18/7/1990 83     Home Duties Donald Moffett St. Mark's   1641 BT63
Rogers John Geoffrey   West Moonah 19/3/1999 65     Pensioner   St. Mark's Pontville date of birth 26/10/1933 date of death 16/3/1999 1770 Yes BT64
Rolls Edith Irene   Elderslie 19/5/1945 28       I J B McDonald Broadmarsh   505 Yes
Rooke Maria Brooksby Brighton 31/10/1891 59     Widow John K Wilmer     443 Yes
Rooke Houston P W   Hobart 24/8/1948       Widower of Florence Rooke (nee Butler) C. Robinson Canon C Corvan and C Williams St. Mark's (Alex Clark & Son)   524 Yes N2A
Rose James   Constitution Hill 30/06/1904 80       C H Corvan St Anne's Dysart   565  
Rose Hector   Brighton 1/8/1966 86     Aged L. B. Browning Bagdad   751 Yes
Rose Alice May   West Hobart   94     Home Duties Marcus Laycock St. Mark's died 22/01/1994 1703 No
Rowbottom Veronica Isma Rose   Magra 12/9/1984 62       G.F.Oliver Malbina   1490 Yes
Rowland William   Hutton Park 11/2/1922 63     Gentleman E.C.Spink St Mary B'Water   260 Yes
Rowlands Horace George   Bridgewater 9/10/1965 54     Butcher L. B. Browning Cornelian Bay (Millington's)   729 Yes
Rowlands Ethel May   Granton 15/1/1997 81     Home Duties H. Booth Kingston Lawn   1738  
Rushton Robert Joseph   Brighton 18/6/1986 69       R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1539 Yes M19
Rust Faye   Granton 2/6/1965 40     Housewife L. B. Browning New Norfolk General (Millington's   722 Yes




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