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St Marks Pontville

Surnames M

Surname Given  Adobe Suburb Burial Age Unit Ship's Name Occupation Priest Burial Location Comment No Photo
Macavoy Ann   Old Beach 26/12/1850 66 years   Wife of Macavoy Farmer John Burrowes Brighton Plains   116 No
MacDougall Christopher   Granton 31/8/1988 18       A.Colyer and D.Saltmarsh St. Mark's   1611 Yes
Macintosh John   Pontville 30/7/1855 56 years   Stone Mason John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   175 No
Macklin James Constitution Hill at ?   15/10/1861 50 years   Farm Servant John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   245  
Maher Percy   Brighton 8/10/1954 79     Widower C Robinson Cornelian Bay (Pierce Keating)   576 Yes
Mallinson Donald George   Risdon Vale 28/2/1994 61     Retired supervisor EZ Company   St. Mark's Pontville died 24/02/1994 1707 Yes R3
Manning Ada   Bagdad 3/8/1973 90     Housewife A.C.Cloudsdale Bagdad Cemetery   1311 Yes
Manning Mary   Bagdad 8/4/1975 76     Pensioner A.C.Cloudsdale St. Michael's Bagdad   1332 No
Mannings Elsie   St. John's Park 17/8/1982 88     nee Bedford G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1433 No
Mansell Margaret   Green Ponds 30/08/1903 10     Child J H Corvan Green Ponds St Mary's Kempton 556 Yes
Maples Joseph   Pontville 8/9/1858 65 years   Bricklayer John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   206 No
Marney Leslie R   Claremont 30/8/1977       husband of Kathleen G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1352 Yes BT55
Marney Kathleen    Claremont 12/2/1994 64     Retired Max Jones St. Mark's   1706 Yes BT55
Marsh Sarah   Pontville 20/6/1843 26 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   28 Yes J14
Marsh Caroline   Bridgewater 7/8/1939 77     Home Duties C E S Mitchell Bridgewater   462 No
Marshall Jean Kathleen "Glenfield" Bridgewater 7/12/1960 50     Wife of Edward Marshall H. G. Biggs Cremated Cornelian Bay Obit 5/12/1960 670 Yes
Marshall Una Ellen   Bridgewater 23/7/1965 49     Housewife L. B. Browning Cornelian Bay (Hooper&Burgess   724 Yes
Marshall Eric   Bridgewater 3/9/1979 76       G.F.Oliver Cornelian Bay Edward Louis 1374 Yes
Martin Alice   Pontville 22/11/1847 57 years   School ? at Church John Burrowes & F.A. Marriott     77 No
Mason Clarence Vernon   St. John's Park 1/11/1984 81     Retired G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1492 Yes L38
Mason Ellen May   St. John's Park 18/12/1985       Pensioner R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1514 Yes L38
Mathews William   Tea Tree 15/3/1875 50 years   Labourer John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   325 No
Mathews Charles   Mangalore 30/6/1906 68     Farmer J H Corvan St. Mark's   91 Yes BT44
Mathews Sarah   Brighton Junction 9/10/1917 79     Farmer's widow E.C.Spink St. Mark's   215 Yes BT44
Mathews Celena Stella   Brighton 24/2/1928 28       Leonard Wall Pontville   323 Yes BT52
Mathews Catherine   Brighton 23/5/1929 61       Leonard Wall Pontville   342 Yes BT52
Mathews Charles   Bellerive late Pontville 14/4/1939 81     Retired Farmer C E S Mitchell Pontville   459 Yes BT52
Mathews Emily Ruth   Brighton Junction 28/1/1957 64     Wife of Lewis Mathews C Robinson Pontville (Alex Clarke & Son)   603 YesBT69
Mathews Lewis Charles   Brighton 6/5/1958 66     Contractor C Robinson Pontville (Alex Clarke & Son)   627 Yes BT69
Matthews Eric Glenside Old Beach 5/1/1910 14       J H Corvan St. Mark's   132 Yes BT44
Matthews Eric Charles   Brighton 4/3/1998 81     retired   Cremated ashes interred St Marks related to the Hanslow's 1755 Yes
Maycock Eliza   Old Beach 5/11/1853 68 years   ? John Burrowes Brighton Plains   152 No
Mayne Cornelius   Dromedary 26/5/1885 64     Farmer John K Wilmer     405 No
Mayne James   Dromedary 5/10/1889 62     Labourer John K Wilmer     431 No
Mc Culloch Gilbert   Pontville 13/10/1866 70 years   House painter John Burrowes Brighton Plains Native of ?   283 No
McCloud Margaret   Tea Tree 15/11/1845 45 years     John Burrowes Brighton Plains   57 No
McCluse Elizabeth   Tea Tree 24/3/1849 49 years     John Burrowes Brighton Plains   96 No
McConnon Edith   Rhyndaston 18/09/1899 65     Wife of farmer S. H. Hughes Colebrook   502  
McConnon Harold    Mangalore 8/12/1932 39     Horse Trainer Leonard Wall Pontville   380  
McDonald Colin Bruce   Hobart 24/3/1994 66     G.P of Medicine Marcus Laycock St. Mark's Pontville MacDonald 1709 Yes R4
McDonnell Mark Broadmarsh Station   20/12/1844     Cadet Prisoner of the Crown John Burrowes Brighton Plains   45 No
McDonnell Alma   Elderslie 14/7/1911 3       J H Corvan Broadmarsh   155 No
McDonnell Charlotte   Elderslie 12/3/1935 58     Widow H. Shepherd Broadmarsh   405 No
McDonnell John Douglas   4 Mundy St Brighton 13/2/1974 62     Pensioner C.Holmes St. Mark's died 10/02/1974 1316 Yes I30
McDonnell Lovedy Leelah   Brighton 17/11/1978 67       G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1361 Yes I30
McDougal Elizabeth   Pontville 25/10/1868 78 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   308 Yes J13
McDowell Edward   Elderslie 11/10/1932 67     Farmer Leonard Wall Broadmarsh   377 No
McGee Edward   Pontville 12/4/1853 45 years   Dealer John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   143 E46
McGrath Elsie   Brighton 5/5/1980 91       G.F.Oliver St. Mark's (Crem)   1388 No
McGuiness David   Bridgewater 13/2/1856 55 years     John Burrowes Brighton Plains About 50. Coroners inquest. Found drowned ? at Bridgewater. 182 No
McGuinness Emma Ada   Mangalore 26/1/1959 57     Wife of Ernest Clarence H. G. Biggs St. Mark's Pontville Obit 24/01/1959 640 Yes BT122
McGuinness Ernest Clarence   Glenorchy 10/3/1971 76     Retired wood carter W. Letchford St. Mark's Pontville died 8/03/1971 780 Yes BT122
McGuinness Geoffrey Clarence               R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1517 Yes M4
McHenry Horace Richard   Compton Downs 30/12/1998 88     Retired Tramways   Turnbull Chapel burial Kingston   1767  
McKay Dallas Wayne   Gagebrook   57     Mill hand   Cremated died 25/10/1999 1787 Yes
McKay Margaret Mary   Gagebrook 31/8/2000 87     Home Duties   Cremation Cornelian Bay Born 21/11/1912  died 27/08/2000 1800 Yes
McKenzie Leigh John   Gagebrook 29/4/1986 17     Apprentice R.J.Cartledge Malbina   1535 No
McKinlay Jane   Kempton 9/6/1912         J H Corvan St.Anne, Dysart   172 No
McLean Mark Anthony   Brighton Army Camp 28/6/1976 14     Student Brighton District school A.C.Cloudsdale and K. Ansell Cornelian Bay   1343 Yes
McLeod Janice Sabrina   Bridgewater 11/5/1978   2 mths     G.F.Oliver Cornelian Bay   1358 Yes
McPherson George Donald   Wayatinah 24/8/1960 48     HEC Driver H. G. Biggs Cornelian Bay Obit 21/8/1960 664 Yes
McRae Colin "Roydon" Elderslie 13/7/1959 18     Son of Ken and June McRae H. G. Biggs St. Mark's   646 Yes BT129
McVilly Frederick Augustus   Bridgewater 14/3/1861 3.75 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Child of Richard McVilly.  Toll Collector at Bridge. 242 No
McVilly Esther Maria   Green Point 1/4/1869 14 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Daughter of Richard & Emma McVilly 310 No
McVilly Martha Gertrude   Bridgewater 4/5/1875 4 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard 4 years & 7 months. Daughter of R McVilly. Toll Keeper. 330 No
Meadocroft Dorothy Joan   Glenorchy 10/10/1988 77         St. Mark's   1604 Yes O20
Medhurst Amos George   Runnymede 19/6/1968 78     Retired L. B. Browning Bagdad   770 Yes
Medhurst Harold John   Bagdad 22/3/1972 49     TPI Pensioner W. Letchford St. Michael's Bagdad died 20/03/1972 1293 Yes
Medhurst Sheila May   Mangalore 11/2/1986 47     Home Duties R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1522 Yes K43
Medhurst Edward Albert   Mangalore 25/10/1991 58     Greyhound trainer   St. Mark's died 22/10/1991 1687 Yes K43
Meier Martha   Brighton 22/1/1954 62       C Robinson Pontville (Clark Bros)   570  
Messenger James   Tea Tree 1/1/1847 22 years Marion Labourer ? ? Tea Tree   69 No
Miles Anson Clyde   New Norfolk 21/11/1985 89     Pensioner R.J.Cartledge Crematorium   1512 No
Millan Elizabeth   Ravenswood 5/12/1863 83 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard ? 254  
Miller Janet Oakwood Farm Bagdad 16/12/1857 46 years Wellington Wife of James Miller of Oakwood Farm John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   199 Yes H16
Miller Cecil Bernard   Brighton 23/4/1949 41     Wood Carter accident Rim of tyre frame blew out C. Robinson    St. Mark's (Millington's)   531 BT109
Mills Mary   Brighton 6/2/1868 6 months     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Infant daughter of George & Mary Mills 299 No
Mills Edward     22/8/1922 67     Labourer E.C.Spink St. Augustine   268 No
Mills Charlotte   Elderslie 5/7/1926 69     Widow of Edward Mills E C Spink St. Augustine's Broadmarsh   306 No
Milner William   Bridgewater (prior N.Z. 19/5/1979 28     Paper worker (accident) G.F.Oliver Cornelian Bay   1372 CM153
Mitchell Thelma Alexandria   Brighton 9/9/1957 55     Housewife C Robinson St Anne's Dysart (Millingtons)   610 Yes
Mizen Arthur John   Bagdad 8/2/1910   2   Infant J H Corvan St. Michael's & All Angels Bagdad   135 No
Mizzen Eric Roy   Bridgewater 29/12/1973 48     Church warden & communicant A.C.Cloudsdale Cornelian Bay died 26/12/1972 1303 Lawn B11
Moles Eliza H   Kempton 4/2/1908 29     Wife C H Corvan St Mary Kempton   109 No
Moles Daphne   Bridgewater 7/12/1984         G.F.Oliver Cornelian Bay   1494 Yes RR368
Mollineaux Henry Sea View Old Beach 5/6/1926 66     Farmer E C Spink St. George's Old Beach   305 Yes
Mollineaux Ella   Old Beach 17/5/1941 75       I J B McDonald Old Beach   478 Yes
Monchau John Broadmarsh Station   26/2/1844 36 years Isabella Watson Prisoner of the Crown John Burrowes Brighton Burial Ground   39 No
Monks Reginald Arthur   Gagebrook 9/4/1987 25       R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1565 Yes N9
Moore John   Brighton Junction 22/7/1907 84     Horse Dealer J H Corvan Pontville Church Cemetery   101 No
Moore Susannah   Bighton Junction 31/7/1907 56       J H Corvan Pontville Church Cemetery   102 No
Moore John Isaac   Hobart 13/7/1928 79     Farmer Leonard Wall Pontville   330b No
Morley Mary Jane   Brighton 22/07/1897 53           Wife of a saddler 480 No
Morris George   Black Brush 6/6/1866 62 years   Shoe maker John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   276 No
Morris Bernard James Bryant Morris   Mt. Stuart 12/2/1987 81     Retired Engineer   Crematorium   1559  
Morrisby Jane Dora Southern   Old Beach 30/7/1951       Widow C Robinson Cremation (Alex Clark & Son)   552  
Morrisby Calvin Gage   Old Beach 10/7/1963 61     Farmer H. G. Biggs Cremated Cornelian Bay Obit 7/07/1963 700  
Morton Ann   Dromedary 6/7/1842 39 years   Married John Burrowes     8  
Mortyn Frederick   Broadmarsh 15/4/1910 71     Farmer S. Hughes St. Mark's   138 Yes K4
Mortyn Eliza Jane Rodbourne Broadmarsh 18/10/1920 83     Widow of Frederick Mortyn E.C.Spink and J.H.Corvan St. Mark's Pontville   246 Yes K4
Mortyn Ruby Vera Louise   Campania 11/11/1920 38     Wife of farmer E.C.Spink and J.H.Corvan St. Mark's Pontville   247  
Mortyn Mildred May   Hobart 9/3/1932 58       Leonard Wall Pontville   365 Yes K4
Mortyn Erskine   Campania 27/7/1933 53       Leonard Wall Pontville   389  
Mortyn Minnie Maria   Brighton 2/1/1937 69     Domestic duties H. Shepherd Pontville   434 Yes BT8
Mortyn Tertius P.M. Redburn Black Brush 21/6/1939 68     Farmer C E S Mitchell Pontville   460 Yes BT8
Mortyn Florence Isabel   Black Brush 1/3/1941 77     Home Duties I J B McDonald Pontville   476 Yes BT8
Mortyn Ida Beatrice   Brighton 15/7/1943 69       I J B McDonald Pontville   487 Yes BT8
Mortyn Ella Pring   Brighton 1/8/1944 68       I J B McDonald Pontville   497 Yes BT7
Mortyn Lewis   Austins Ferry 13/2/1965 79     Retired L. B. Browning St. Mary's (Millington's) St Marks Pontville 715 Yes BT69
Mortyn Frances   Hobart 5/7/1966 85     Aged L. B. Browning St. Mark's (Millington's)   750 Yes BT8
Moss John Thomas Green Point Bridgewater 3/7/1867 6 years     John Burrowes Brighton Plains Twin son of Mr & Mrs Moss 293 No
Moss Elizabeth   Green Point 19/11/1871 13 years     John Burrowes Brighton Plains Died in hospital at Hobart. 333 No
Moss Thomas   Brighton 30/4/1875 60 years   Stone Breaker on Road John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   329 No
Muir David   Old Beach 9/4/1846 54 years   Labourer   Brighton Plains   63 No
Muller Iveno   Gilford Young Cres 19/10/1973 75     Retired   St. Marks died 15/10/1973 1315 No
Muller Charles   Sandy Bay 1/6/1982 84     Retired G.F.Oliver Burial   1427  
Mulligan Sarah Ann   Bridgewater 6/2/1862 5 months     John Burrowes Brighton Plains Child of Mulligan a Dealer 246 No
Mulligan Grace M   Green Point 15/1/1870 7 months     John Burrowes Brighton Plains Daughter of Mulligan. Dealer. 317 No
Mulligan Matilda   Bridgewater 14/7/1875 1.5 years     John Burrowes Brighton Plains Daughter of J Mulligan. 335 No
Munday John   Black Brush 6/12/1849 4 years     John Burrowes Brighton Plains Whooping Cough, Son of I Munday Black Brush 103 Yes H6
Munday Elisa   Brighton Junction 17/07/1901 82       Clarence Corvan St Mark's   529 Yes H6
Munday Not listed   Brighton           J H Corvan Pontville   541  
Munday Alfred Oswald   Pontville 16/9/1909 29     Invalid C H Corvan St Mark's   129 Yes H6
Munday Charlotte   Hobart 3/4/1919 68     Spinster E.C.Spink St. Mark's   232 Yes H6
Munday Edmund Jonas   Brighton Junction 11/6/1920 64     Storekeeper and Church Warden C.C.Spink and J.H.Corvan St. Mark's Pontville   239 Yes H7
Munday Caroline   Pontville 20/6/1936 79     Married Woman H. Shepherd Pontville   422 Yes H8
Munday William Cyril   Hobart 29/6/1936 43     Train Driver H. Shepherd Pontville   423 YesH8
Mundy Eliza   Black Brush 25/7/1846 9 years       Brighton Plains   66 No
Mundy Rebecca   Black Brush 1/1/1852 3.5 years     John Burrowes Brighton Plains Daughter of I Mundy Farmer Black Brush 127 No
Mundy John Henry   Dromedary 1/12/1860 6 weeks   Son of John and Eliza Mundy of the Dromedary. Farmer. John Burrowes Brighton Plains   234 No
Munnings Kathleen Pearl   Constitution Hill 10/1/1911   4   Infant J H Corvan St. Anne's   151 No
Murdock  John James Cunningham   Green Point 9/8/1855 11 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Son of James Murdock of Green Point 176 No
Murfet Lesley Ian   Gagebrook 14/10/1988 55     Pensioner R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1605 No
Murray Kenneth Duncan   Bagdad 8/7/1998 53     Self employed R.Bruce Mitchell St. Mark's Pontville   1759 Yes A2




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