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St Marks Pontville

Surnames A

Surname Given  Adobe Suburb Burial Age Unit Ship's Name Occupation Priest Burial Location Comment No Photo
Adams Thomas Leslie   Mangalore 1/8/1958       Contractor H.G.Biggs Cremation Obit 29/07/1958 632 H24
Adams Michael James   Pontville 4/10/1960 18     Son of James-killed car accident H. G. Biggs St. Mark's Pontville Obit 1/10/1960 666 BT 125
Adams Victoria Ada   Mangalore 28/8/1973 87     Home Duties A.C.Cloudsdale St. Mark's   1312  
Adams Norman Edward   Brighton 6/5/1980 52     Council worker M. Jones St. Mark's   1389 Yes K32
Adams Robert Terrence   Bridgewater 2/2/1984 37       G.F.Oliver Colombarium   1471 Yes
Adams Cecil Ivan   Moonah 3/1/1991 77     Retired carpenter   St. Mark's Pontville   1648 Yes
Adams Marjorie Daisy Strathaven Berriedale 30/5/1997 78     Home Duties   St. Mark's date of death 28/05/1997 1745 Yes
Ainsley Jane   Old Beach 26/11/1842 17 months     John Burrowes     15  
Alcock-O'Neil Margaret Florence   Brighton 20/6/2001 64     Account Clerk Rev. Stephen Savage Turnbull Chapel to Cornelian Bay   1811  
Allikas Prue Roberta   Claremont 1/2/1990       infant  Donald Moffett St. Mary's Bridgewater   1631  
Allwood Kathleen Joyce   St. John's Park  4/9/1990 78     Home Duties Phillip Aspinall St. Mary's Bridgewater   1644 Yes
Allwright Margaret Williams   Broadmarsh 30/9/1845 19 years   Spinster John Burrowes Burial Ground Broadmarsh   53 Yes
Anderson Audrey   Austins Ferry 2/10/1970 56     Pensioner W. Letchford Bagdad died 30/09/1970 795 Yes
Andrews Claude Charles   Bridgewater 3/6/1968 88     Retired L. B. Browning St. Mark's   769 Yes BT72
Andrews Linda Kathleen   Bridgewater 18/9/1970 68     Home duties (widow) W. Letchford Cremated Cornelian Bay died 16/09/1970 793 Yes BT72
Ardern Thelma Muriel   Freemasons Home 30/10/1984 64       G.F.Oliver Chapel/Cremation Colombarium 1491 Yes
Argent Henry   Black Brush 10/12/1844 11 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Bite of Snake 44  
Argent Elizabeth   Mangalore 17/8/1866 25 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Daughter of James & HannahArgent. Farmer. Mangalore. 281 Yes
Argent James   Black Brush 23/6/1891 89     Farmer John K Wilmer     439 Yes
Ashley William   Green Point 8/12/1848 26 years TL Boatman John Burrowes Brighton Plains   90 No
Ashton-Lewis Christina Louise   Papua New Guinea 26/9/1990   3 mths   Infant    St. Mark's Pontville   1645 No
Atkins John   Bagdad 25/08/1901 69     Farmer Clarence Corvan Bagdad Graveyard   531 No
Atkins Ronald   Moonah 26/9/1979 78     H.E.C. G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1375 Yes J42
Atkins Lucy Rigaud   Strathaven 30/12/1986 91     Home Duties R.J.Cartledge Crematorium   1554  
Atkins Phyllis May     7/3/1987 74       R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1562 Yes J42
Attrill Neil   Brighton 14/7/1987 59       R.J.Cartledge Moonah Chapel to Crematorium   1573  
Axelsen Dorothy Marion   Bellerive 17/3/1971 62     Home Duties W. Letchford St. Mark's died 15/03/1971 1281 Yes BT133
Aylward John   Brighton Junction 22/09/1901 86     Miller Clarence Corvan Cemetery Brighton Junction   532  




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