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St Marks Pontville

Surnames D

Surname Given  Adobe Suburb Burial Age Unit Ship's Name Occupation Priest Burial Location Comment No Photo
Daft William (Bill)   St. John's Park 10/11/1983 86     miner G.F.Oliver Chapel and Crematorium   1466 Yes
Dale Gertrude Julia   Cremorne 22/1/1991 85     Home Duties Donald Moffett Hooper & Burgess   1651 Yes
Daniels Frederick   Brighton 12/6/1888 29     Carter   John K Wilmer     421 Yes
Dare Horace Charles Richard   Broadmarsh 27/8/1986 72     Timber worker R.J.Cartledge Broadmarsh Cemetery   1545 Yes
Dare Neita Isobel Mary   Risdon Vale 12/10/1998 76     Home Duties David Edmonds St. Augustine's Broadmarsh died 8/10/1998 1763 Yes
Dart Henry   Green Point 28/2/1848 55 years   Labourer John Burrowes Brighton Plains   80 No
Dart Albert Arthur   Pontville 24/11/1876 6 years     John Burrowes   Son of a labourer 347  
Dart Jonathan   Clarence 23/10/1888 89     Farmer John K Wilmer     424  
Dart William Jonathan   Hobart 6/4/1892 26     Labourer John K Wilmer     446  
Dart John   South Bridgewater 21/08/1904 75     Farmer C H Corvan St Marks   567  
Dart Owen Edward   Pontville 1/6/1906 28     Miner J H Corvan St. Mark's   90 Yes B9
Davie  Mary Elizabeth   Brighton 22/8/1883 9 weeks     John K Wilmer   Daughter of a labourer 393  
Davies James   Green Point 28/12/1860 50 years   Farm labourer to M Stanfield of Green Point John Burrowes Brighton Plains   235 No
Davis William   Black Brush 23/3/1844 71 years Calcutta Farmer John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   40 Yes J17
Davis Matilda   Brighton 14/2/1887 14       John K Wilmer   Daughter of a farmer 414  
Davis John   Brighton 10/1/1888 12       John K Wilmer   Son of a farmer 419  
Davis John   Bagdad 24/7/1890 70     Labourer John K Wilmer     436  
Davis William Thomas   Broadmarsh 13/07/1899       Labourer S. H. Hughes Richmond   498  
Davis William John   Elderslie 17/07/1900   3 wks     S. H. Hughes St Augustine's   517  
Davis William Walter   Elderslie 12/12/1917 38     Carrier E.C.Spink St. Augustine   219 Yes
Davis Henry Chaplin   Broadmarsh 27/11/1928 56     Labourer Leonard Wall Pontville   339 No
Davis George William   Hobart 27/1/1933 89     Farmer Leonard Wall Pontville   382  
Davis Frances Amelia   Elderslie 24/6/1957 80     Widow See No. 219 C Robinson Broadmarsh (Millington & Co)   606 Yes
Davis Sydney Raymond   Broadmarsh 7/6/1974 67     Council employee A.C.Cloudsdale St. Augustine's   1320 Yes
Davis Anne   Bagdad 28/3/1978 20       G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1357  
Davis Sylvia Mary   Moonah 3/4/1986 70       R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1530 Yes M18
Davis George Arthur   Broadmarsh 20/1/1990 88     Retired Farmer Donald Moffett St. Mark's     Yes M24
Dawson Margaret   Black Brush 6/10/1857 60 years   unknown John Burrowes Brighton Plains   197 No
Day Abraham Broadmarsh Probation Party   29/1/1844 24 years Emily Prisoner of the Crown John Burrowes     37  
De Hoghton Julia Georgiana   Hobart 20/7/1926 68       Leonard Wall Pontville   330d No
De Houghton Thomas   Hobart 30/6/1920 74     Retired Captain Royal Navy C.C.Spink and J.H.Corvan St. Mark's Pontville   240 No
Dean Eliza Ann   Bagdad 16/6/1895 42     Wife of a farm labourer John K Wilmer     466  
Dean Thomas   Mangalore 20/01/1902 79     Farmer J H Corvan Brighton   534 No
Dean Herbert Sydney Hamilton   Mangalore 17/4/1916   9 mths   Son of Richard Herbert Dean C.C.McMichael St. Mark's   207  
Dear Frederick   Pontville 4/8/1858 10 months     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Infant son of Elijah & Mary Dear. Constable 205 No
Devine Ann Jane   Old Beach 28/12/1873 72 years   Wife of Mr Thomas Devine John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Annie 317 Yes J7
Devine Thomas   Bridgewater 10/10/1882 56     Farmer John K Wilmer     389 Yes J9
Devine Thomas   Old Beach 23/5/1884 86     Farmer John K Wilmer     400 Yes J7
Devine Mary   Hobart 16/9/1886 74     Widow of Thomas Devine John K Wilmer     410 Yes J9
Devine Joseph   Old Beach 16/1/1913 68     Farmer C H Corvan St. Mark's   187 Yes J8
Dickenson Elizabeth Amelia Cypress Grove Granton 14/1/1925 71     wife of John Henry  E C Spink Cornelian Bay   293 Yes
Dickenson Douglas   Granton 5/12/1955 68     Farmer C Robinson Cremation (Alex Clarke & Son)   590 Yes
Dickenson Judy   Granton 22/2/1958 9     Child C Robinson Cornelian Bay   621  
Dickenson Trevor Rex   Granton 22/7/1991 79     Retired farmer   St. Mark's   1685 Yes Q12
Dickenson Raymond Douglas   Granton 3/1/2001 90     Farmer Rev. Stephen Savage St. Mark's Pontville died 30/12/2000 1805 Yes D13
Dillon Andrew   Brighton 10/5/1843 50 years   Miller John Burrowes Brighton Plains about 50 27 No
Donald Mary Ann   Old Beach 20/12/1842 9 months     John Burrowes     17  
Donaldson Walter Smith ? Bagdad 8/5/1859 3 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard 3 and 5/12 years. Child of John Henry to Mary Donaldson. 212 No
Donaldson Jean Milne     15/9/1918   5 weeks   Infant E.C.Spink St. Augustine's   225 No
Donnelly Doris Ann   Glenorchy 18/3/1987 69       R.J.Cartledge Cornelian Bay   1563  
Donovan Anthony John   Brighton 11/5/1960 13     died at Lachlan Park H. G. Biggs St. Mark's Pontville Obit 9/05/1960 658 Yes G30
Dowie Philis   New Norfolk 20/1/1982 86       G.F.Oliver Malbina   1415 Yes
Dowlan James Broadmarsh Probation Station   24/1/1845 29 years Cadet Prisoner of the Crown John Burrowes Brighton Plains   46 No
Downer Michael Charles   Bridgewater 27/10/1980   7 mths   Cot death G.F.Oliver Cremated   1397  
Downey Susan Victoria   Pontville 17/1/1861 6 years     John Burrowes Brighton Plains Child of Downey a pensioner. 240 No
Doyle Mary Anne   Black Brush 30/5/1850 32 years Amerlea? Wife of IB Doyle Farmer John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   108 Yes E41
Dransfield Stanley   Brighton 27/7/1981 56       G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1405  
Drew Vernon Edward   Bridgewater 28/11/1988 74     Pensioner R.J.Cartledge Moonah Chapel to St. Mark's   1612  
Duffy Mary   Tea Tree 31/1/1951 90     Widow C Robinson Cornelian Bay (Millington's)   547 Yes
Duffy Kenneth   Tea Tree 7/4/1953 62     Worker Tas. Railways C Robinson Cremation (H.C.Millington)   563 Yes
Duffy Nicholas William   Tea Tree 5/4/1962 73     Went missing Monday p.m. found shot by search party H. G. Biggs Cremated Cornelian Bay Obit 3/4/1962 685 Yes
Duffy Lorna Elizabeth   Hathaway Nursing Home 16/2/1989 88       R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's to Crematorium   1616  
Dunn Claire Louise   Pontville 15/11/1983   1 day     G.F.Oliver Cremation   1467  
Dyer Ann   Pontville 10/12/1879 76     Wife of a Schoolmaster F B Sharland   St Marks Anglican 371 Yes L25
Dyer Benjamin Bissel   Pontville 17/11/1875 79 years   Postmaster Pontville John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   338 Yes L25
Dyson George no settled abode   5/12/1850 40 years   Travelling Singer John Burrowes Brighton Plains   115 No





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