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St Marks Pontville

Surnames P

Surname Given  Adobe Suburb Burial Age Unit Ship's Name Occupation Priest Burial Location Comment No Photo
Pace George Ravenswood Bridgewater 7/9/1882 3       John K Wilmer   Son of a farmer 385 No
Pace Joseph   Tea Tree 15/5/1894 80     Farmer John K Wilmer     459  
Padmore Thomas Edwin   St. John's Park 27/2/1989 77     Retired J.Van Emerick St. Mark's   1619  
Page Allan Erskine Sayes Court Bagdad 29/9/1885 6 weeks     John K Wilmer Bagdad Graveyard Son of a farmer 408 No
Page Nancy Devlin   Tea Tree 12/12/1914 24     Spinster C.C.McMichael St. Mark's   187 Yes L4
Page Sydney   Hobart 23/4/1920 71     Retired farmer E.C.Spink St Mark's   237 Yes L4
Page Charlotte   Hobart 17/5/1924       Widow of Sydney Page E C Spink St. Mark's Pontville   286 Yes L4
Paice Mary Jane   Pontville 29/6/1896 50     Wife of a butcher John K Wilmer     471  
Paice Mary   Brighton Junction 7/7/1912 82     Widow J H Corvan St. Mark's   171  
Paice Silas Benjamin   Brighton 14/2/1952 73     Pensioner C Robinson Pontville (Clark Bros)   555 Yes BT72
Paice Thomas Samuel   Tea Tree 19/8/1954 77     Widower C Robinson Pontville (Clark Bros)   575 Yes BT70
Paice Susan Cleverly   Bridgewater 11/10/1960 85     Widow H. G. Biggs Cremated Cornelian Bay Obit 9/10/1960 668 Yes BT72
Paice Harold Silas James   Bridgewater 6/9/1974 62     Retired builder Church Warden A.C.Cloudsdale Service St. Mary's Cremated   1324 Yes
Paice Danny   Bridgewater 4/3/1980 38     School Teacher G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1384 Yes
Paice Emily Ruth   Berriedale 29/12/1993 74     Home Duties Marcus Laycock St. Mark's to Cornelian Bay died 25/12/1993 1711 Yes
Paice Mona Mabel Compton Downs   15/3/1999 83     Home Duties   St. Mark's - Private Cremation date of birth 1/12/1915 date of death 10/3/1999 1769 Yes B1
Paice Robin Harold   Bridgewater 21/10/1999 58     Electrician   St. Mary's Bridgewater died 7/08/1999 ashes interred Derwent River  1786 Yes B20 Lawn
Paine Matthew   Bagdad 11/5/1847 47 years   Farmer John Burrowes Pontville Church   73 No
Paine Edward   Black Brush 17/3/1884 62     Farmer John K Wilmer     398 Yes E7
Paine Jane    Brighton 24/4/1896 69     Widow of Edward Paine John K Wilmer       Yes E7
Palmer Catherine   Green Point 20/6/1843 31 years     John Burrowes     24  
Palmer Thomas Henry   Bagdad 26/08/1904 65     Farmer J H Corvan St Mary Kempton   569 No
Palmer Sydney Samuel   Bridgewater 23/2/1982 75       G.F.Oliver Bagdad   1417 Yes
Palney Alfred   New Norfolk 19/1/1912 2       C H Corvan St Mary Kempton   165 No
Pardoe Mona Christine   Mangalore 29/6/1938 60     Invalid C E S Mitchell Pontville   447 Yes L2
Pardoe Cyril Edward Robert   Mangalore 10/4/1957 80     Widower See No 447 C Robinson Pontville (Clarke Bros)   605 Yes L2
Parit William   Ravenswood 27/12/1856 62 years   Labourer John Burrowes Brighton Plains   190 No
Parker Elizabeth M   Apsley 11/4/1916 56     Wife of farmer W.J.Dodson St. Mark's   205  
Parker William Alexander   Old Beach 15/4/1958       Retired Archdeacon C.Mitchell St.George's Old Beach (Millington)   625 Yes
Parker Victor George   Primrose Sands 29/3/2001 84     Caretaker Rev. David O'Neil St. Mark's (Cremated)   1807 Yes Q6
Parnell William Shene Bagdad 22/9/1852 46 years   Labourer on M Butler's Farm John Burrowes Brighton Plains   135 No
Parnell Lucy     20/02/1902 73       J H Corvan     539  
Parremore Ralph   Richmond 4/6/1958 85     Pensioner H.M.Maddock St.Thomas Tea Tree   629 Yes 14
Parremore Emma Jane   Richmond 28/9/1971 96     Home Duties W. Letchford St. Thomas Tea Tree died 26/09/1971 1288 Yes 84
Parrott William Fair   Old Beach 27/1/1845 61 years     John Burrowes     48  
Parsons Mary Ann   Tea Tree 23/3/1860 2 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Infant of Moses and Hannah Parsons 224 No
Parsons Moses   Brighton 5/6/1892       Labourer ? Chalmers
Church Warden
    447 Yes B1
Parsons Hannah   Hobart 30/05/1900 69       S. H. Hughes St Mark's   516 Yes B1
Parsons Frederick Ray   Brighton 8/1/1904   4   Infant J H Corvan Brighton   560 No
Parsons Thomas    Pontville 30/7/1908       Labourer J H Corvan St. Mark's   120 No
Parsons Emma Louise   Launceston 16/2/1933 60       Leonard Wall Pontville   385 No
Partington Lillian Rosina   Pontville 28/3/1882 3       John K Wilmer   Daughter of a carpenter 382 No
Partington James   Pontville 24/8/1894 45     Hotel Keeper John K Wilmer     464 Yes F46
Partington Charlotte   Brighton 23/2/1917 68     Widow E.C.Spink St. Mark's   212 Yes F46
Paul Daphne   Bridgewater 24/7/1912   1 mth   Infant C H Corvan St.Mary B'Water   177 No
Paul Cecil ?   Bridgewater 29/4/1915 27     Labourer J H Corvan St Mary B'Water   191 No
Paul William John   Bridgewater 17/5/1922 44     Returned soldier E.C.Spink St. Mary B'Water   265 Yes
Paul Percy George John   Bridgewater 8/7/1922   3 mths   Infant E.C.Spink St Mary B'Water   267 No
Paul Elaine Rosemary   Dromedery 12/9/1957 15     Eldest dau. Of Milford & Molly C Robinson Pontville (Clarke Bros)   612 Yes BT67
Paul Gladys Eileen   Bellerive 12/10/1971 50     Home Duties W. Letchford Broadmarsh Ang. died 10/10/1971 1289 Yes
Paul Molly   Dromedery 2/11/1979       Motor Car accident G.F.Oliver Front gate St. Mark's Cemetery   1378 Yes BT66
Pavitt Ernest Alfred   Claremont 19/5/1945 88       I J B McDonald Pontville   506 Yes
Pavitt Frances Ethel   Claremont 19/1/1951 91     Widower see No 506 L Burgess Pontville (Alex Clark & Sons)   546 Yes
Payne Lucy     Brighton 26/5/1894 38       John K Wilmer   Daughter of a farmer 460  
Payne Michael Lawrence   St. John's Park  9/11/1990 48     self employed investor Donald Moffett St. George's Old Beach   1646 Yes
Peacock Neville George   Launceston 27/4/1936       Railway employee H. Shepherd Bridgewater   420 Yes
Peader Mathew John   Gagebrook 15/9/1986   5 mths   Infant  R.J.Cartledge Kingston   1547 Yes
Pearce Edward   Old Beach 24/12/1849 2 months     John Burrowes Pontville Church Son of Pearch Black? Old Beach 104 No
Pearce Robert Hepburn   Pontville 2/5/1863 11 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Son of Matthew Pearce 250 No
Pearce Matthew Frederick   Brighton 1/6/1884 73     Hawker John K Wilmer     399 Yes F6
Pearce Sarah   Kempton 24/8/1892 37     Wife of a blacksmith John K Wilmer     448 No
Pearce     Kempton 18/3/1893 9 months     John K Wilmer
Service for the unbaptized
    452 No
Pearce William Warburton   Bridgewater 28/6/1922 62     Newly elected M.H.A. E.C.Spink Cornelian Bay   266 Yes
Pearce Jane   Bridgewater 24/6/1933 76       Leonard Wall Cornelian Bay   387 Yes
Pearce Ronald Heath   Main Rd., Austins Ferry 25/6/1974 86     Churchwarden Synodsman and Counciller of Brighton A.C.Cloudsdale and the Lord Bishop Ven. C. Mitchell Cremated Placement at Cornelian Bay 1321 Yes
Pearson Jonas   Pontville 27/4/1874 84 years   ? John Burrowes Brighton Plains     No
Peart Bicton Clark Carlington Tea Tree 4/3/1986       cabinetmaker R.J.Cartledge Crematorium   1525 Yes
Pearton Not listed   Pontville           G.F.Oliver St. Mark's Jean Pearton 1356 YesI45
Pedder Justin Shane   Moonah 5/10/1988   10 wks     R.J.Cartledge Moonah Chapel to St. Mark's   1603 Yes I45
Penney William James   Mangalore 1/7/1863 5 weeks     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Son of William James & Martha Penney 251 No
Penney Henry Walter   Tea Tree 22/1/1869 4 months     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Son of William James & Martha Penney 309 No
Pennyquick Annette Frances   Broadmarsh 29/4/1964   3 days   Dau of Rex and Cecily H. G. Biggs Cornelian Bay Obit 28/04/1964 705 Unmarked grave
Pennyquick Charles John   Broadmarsh 20/5/1966 66     Retired L. B. Browning Cornelian Bay (Millington's)   744 Yes
Percey Barry Michael   Bagdad 10/6/1976 21     Farmer A.C.Cloudsdale Bagdad Cemetery   1340 Yes
Percy James Brighton Plains   1/3/1851 50 years Gov Reddy Farmer Coronness Marriot? John Burrowes Brighton Plains   117 No
Perriman Hannah Farm Black Brush 25/4/1846 52 years Regalia     Pontville Church Yard   64 No
Perry Jane    Pontville 5/1/1876 85 years   Widow John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   339 No
Perry Mary   Pontville 17/9/1919 79     Widow E.C.Spink St. Mark's   234  
Perry Elsie Louisa   Broadmarsh 24/8/1965 84     Aged L. B. Browning Cremated Cornelian Bay   726 Yes
Phillips William   Dromedary 2/3/1850 56 years Marion I Farmer John Burrowes Brighton Plains   106 No
Phillips Samuel   Tea Tree 29/10/1851 18 years     John Burrowes   Son of H Phillips of Tea Tree Farmer 126 Yes E43
Phillips Mary   Tea Tree 10/10/1863 65 years   Wife of Henry Phillips John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   252 No
Phillips Henry   Tea Tree 26/6/1888 98     Farmer John K Wilmer Buried in St Mark's Churchyard   422 Yes F36
Philpot Not listed   Green Ponds         Child J H Corvan Green Ponds   558 No
Pickin Ann   Green Ponds 1/4/1904 82     Widow C H Corvan Green Ponds   562 No
Pierce Julie Ann   Bridgewater 5/2/1986 17     Bootmaker   St. Mark's   1520 M12
Piesse Margaret Jane   Bridgewater 3/2/1960   17 mths   Dau. Of George & Essie -drowned in waterhole H. G. Biggs St. Mary's Bridgewater Obit 1/2/1960 656 Yes
Piety Thomas   Brighton 16/9/1893 47     Carpenter John K Wilmer     456 No
Pilcher John ?   Black Brush 23/12/1874 53 years   Gentleman John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   322 Yes E8
Pithouse Thomas   Brighton Plains 12/12/1858 40 years   Carter to M Davis. Pontville. John Burrowes Brighton Plains Killed by the starting of his horse 210 No
Podmore Gladys   Moonah 11/9/1996 80     Retired H. Booth St. Mark's   1734 Yes P8
Ponsonby Margaret Elizabeth   Longford   57         Born 28/07/1942 Died 4/09/1999 ashes interred by family born Huonville 1794  
Pool Elisabeth   Brighton 12/9/1904 89     Widow C H Corvan St Mark's   570 No
Pope George   Pontville 28/10/1864 75 years   Farmer John Burrowes Brighton Plains   265 No
Porter John William Oakwood   Brighton 20/8/1885 4 weeks     John K Wilmer   Son of a farmer 406 No
Porter Maud Ellen Oakwood   Brighton 3/10/1889 3 weeks     John K Wilmer   Daughter of a farmer 430 No
Porter Edward   Pontville 18/10/1905 90       J H Corvan Pontville   582 No
Porter Edward Arthur   Apsley 9/6/1921 31     Son of Edward Porter Apsley E.C.Spink St. Mark's Pontville   254 No
Porter John   Mangalore 31/10/1932 75     Farmer Leonard Wall Pontville   378 No
Porter Clarence Healy   Mangalore 11/2/1933 49     Returned soldier Leonard Wall Pontville   384 Yes 
Porter Grace Florence   Mangalore 9/12/1933 40       Leonard Wall Pontville   392 No
Porter Edward   Apsley 21/2/1935 80     Farmer W J Dodson Pontville   401 No
Porter Mary Grace   Hobart 2/12/1935 78     Widow H. Shepherd Pontville   413 No
Porter Graham   Apsley 28/4/1965 60     Farmer L. B. Browning St. Mark's (Keating)   720 Yes G40
Porter Harold   Spring Hill 2/9/1965 74     Retired L. B. Browning St. Mark's (Keating)   728 Yes H44
Porter Ethel    Apsley 28/10/1968 85     Retired L. B. Browning St. Mark's   775 Yes G41
Porter Muriel   Apsley 31/3/1970 72     Home Duties (d.30/03/1970 W. Letchford St. Mark's Pontville   783 Yes G39
Porter Mary   Brighton 1976 92       R.Carnaby St. Mark's   1345 Yes H46
Porter Arthur Edward   Sydney 15/4/1992 68     Retired   St. Mark's died 25/01/1992 1689 Yes H45
Potter Hannah   Brighton Plains 10/12/1858 15 months     John Burrowes Brighton Plains Infant daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Potter. Brighton. 209 No
Potter Elizabeth   Brighton Plains 14/2/1860 37 years   Wife of Thomas Potter John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   221 Yes
Potter Elizabeth   Brighton Plains 12/3/1860 1 month      John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Infant of the above named Elizabeth Potter 223 No
Pratt Henry   Tea Tree 4/4/1857 40 years   by coroners warrant John Burrowes Brighton Plains about 40 194 No
Price Margaret   Bagdad 22/2/1847 60 years   Splitter's Wife ?     71 Yes K19
Price John Sheen Farm Bagdad 27/7/1860 73 years   Servant of Mr Butler John Burrowes Brighton Plains   229 No
Pritchard Price   Black Brush 6/6/1842 67 years   Farmer John Burrowes     6 No
Pullen William George   Bridgewater 28/1/1987 72     Gardener R.J.Cartledge Malbina   1557 Yes
Punshon Betty   Brighton 14/10/1983 68       G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1463 Yes L40
Punshon Laurel Mary   East Devonport 21/8/1996 89     Retired H. Booth St. Mark's   1732 NO
Purdon Phyllis   Old Beach 22/4/1916   7 days   Son of Harold and Charlotte C.C.McMichael St. George's Old Beach   208 No
Purdon Maisie Emily   Sandy Bay 17/2/1920   6 weeks   Infant E.C.Spink St. George's Old Beach   236 No
Purdon Alice   Old Beach 26/10/1927 65     Wife of Alfred  Leonard Wall Old Beach   316 Yes
Purdon Alfred   Old Beach 24/5/1936 73     Retired farmer H. Shepherd Old Beach   419 Yes
Purdon Dick   Old Beach   72     Farmer A.C.Cloudsdale Cornelian Bay   1302  
Purdon Corrie Alexandra   Hobart 24/11/1993 82     Home Duties Marcus Laycock St. Mark's Pontville   1698  
Purdon Katherine Rosa Compton Downs Gagebrook 22/3/1994 89     Home Duties Marcus Laycock Millington's to Crematorium died 19/03/1994 1712 Yes




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