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St Marks Pontville

Surnames L

Surname Given  Adobe Suburb Burial Age Unit Ship's Name Occupation Priest Burial Location Comment No Photo
Lamprell John   Old Beach 25/1/1843 2 years     John Burrowes   Died of dysentry 21  
Lamprell James   Old Beach 25/1/1843 4 years     John Burrowes   Died of dysentry 22 Yes
Lamprill Mary   Brighton Plains 24/6/1881 82     Widow John K Wilmer     378 Yes H21
Lamprill Celia Jane   Hobart 28/7/1886 43     Wife of H Lamprill John K Wilmer     409 Yes G19
Lamprill William Summerfield Brighton 25/2/1889 52     Farmer John K Wilmer     425 Yes G21
Lamprill William Edwin Summerfield Brighton 14/5/1890 22       John K Wilmer   Son of a farmer 435 Yes G21
Lamprill Henry Ernest   Tea Tree 28/10/1927 63     Farmer C H Corvan St. Mark's   317 Yes G21
Lamprill Alice Adeline   Brighton 13/9/1929 65       Leonard Wall Pontville   346 Yes G21
Lamprill Harriet Elizabeth   Hobart 2/12/1932 93       Leonard Wall Pontville   379 Yes G21
Lane Thomas Broadmarsh Station   28/10/1844     Marion Prisoner of the Crown John Burrowes Brighton Burial Ground   42 No
Langley Walter Raymond John   Bridgewater 4/11/1917   1 day   Infant E.C.Spink St. Mary B'Water   217 No
Lawler Edward   Tea Tree 01/05/1898       Workman S. H. Hughes     486 Yes G14
Lawler Doris   Pontville 9/11/1905 13     Child J H Corvan Pontville Tea Tree 584 Yes 74
Lawler Elsie   Tea Tree   12       J H Corvan Pontville Tea Tree 98 Yes 74
Lawler Susan Dora   Tea Tree 9/2/1911 11       J H Corvan Tea Tree Tea Tree 153 Yes 74
Lawler Susie Elaine   Hobart 17/11/1920   6 weeks   first born child E.C.Spink St Thomas   248 Yes 74
Lawler Susan   Tea Tree 5/1/1923 63     Wife of Michael Lawler E C Spink St. Thomas Tea Tree   274 Yes 75
Lawler Michael   Tea Tree 24/11/1931 77     Farmer Leonard Wall Tea Tree   363 Yes 75
Lawrence Dorothy Emily   New Norfolk 10/4/1986 76       R.J.Cartledge Malbina     No
Lawrence William Charles Edward   New Norfolk 30/6/1986         R.J.Cartledge Malbina, New Norfolk   1540 No
Leary Infant   Bothwell 15/4/1965   1 day     L. B. Browning St. Mark's (Millington's) White Cross Name Kenneth George 719 Yes F17
Lenton Robert W   Pontville 3/3/1861 2.5 years     John Burrowes Brighton Plains Child of Robert & Sarah Lenton. Pontville. Labourer. 241 No
Lenton     Pontville 15/10/1868 5.5 years     John Burrowes Brighton Plains   307 No
Lewis Kerry Paul   New Norfolk 13/2/1984 21     Accident G.F.Oliver Cremation Cornelian Bay 1472 Yes
Ling Wanda Yvonne   Bridgewater 8/6/1932 6       Leonard Wall Bridgewater   368 Yes
Ling Cecil Douglas   New Town 20/9/1971 66     Pensioner Canon G Latta St. Mary's died 17/09/1971 1287 Yes
Ling Archie John Ewart   St. John's Park 2/10/1979 69     T.P.I Pensioner G.F.Oliver Cornelian Bay   1376 Yes
Ling Doris Jessie Pearl   New Town 4/8/1995 88     Home Duties M. Jones St. Mark's died 2/08/1995 St Marys Bridgewater 1723 Yes
Linton James Thomas   Brighton 12/3/1901 40     Labourer S. H. Hughes St. Mark's Lenton 522 Yes H4
Lipfert  Bernard Henry   West Moonah 15/5/1987 79       R.J.Cartledge Chapel to Cornelian Bay Crematorium   1573 Yes
List Robert   Green Point 14/11/1845 34 years Mount Prisoner of the Crown John Burrowes     56 No
Littlehales Robert   Pontville 24/6/1877 9       F B Sharland   Son of a labourer St Marks Pontville 355 Yes B2
Littlehales Sydney Walter   Tea Tree 21/9/1877 5       F B Sharland   Son of a labourer St Marks Pontville 359 Yes B2
Littlehales Robert   Brighton Junction 29/9/1910 67     Labourer C H Corvan St. Mark's   146 Yes B2
Littlehales Mary   Brighton Junction 24/1/1939 90     Retired Pensioner C E S Mitchell Pontville   455 No
Lloyd Francis   Bothwell 9/9/1868 4.5 years     John Burrowes Brighton Plains Son of a Shepherd at Bothwell 306 No
Lockley Doris Evelyn   Moonah 13/10/1994 70     Home Duties Marcus Laycock St. Mark's Pontville died 11/10/1994 1716 Yes R11
Lockwood William   Brighton 09/12/1897 89     Labourer John K Wilmer     483  
Lockwood Margaret   Hobart 18/10/1904 80       J H Corvan St Mark's   572 No
Long Edmund   Pontville 31/10/1859 6 months     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Child of Christoph Jacob to Christina Catherina Long 218 No
Long Olive Eva   Tea Tree 16/7/1915   22 wks   Infant dau. Of Thomas Long C.C.McMichael St. Thomas Tea Tree   198 Yes 77
Long Thomas   Tea Tree 3/8/1955 92     Retired Farmer C Robinson Tea Tree (Clarke Bros)   584 Yes 77
Long Amy   Tea Tree 31/3/1958       Widow C Robinson St. Thomas Tea Tree   624 Yes 77
Long Mollie Maxwell   Tea Tree 14/5/1981 67       G.F.Oliver Richmond   1401 Yes
Long Robyn   Bridgewater 4/2/1987 34     Home Duties R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1558 Yes N7
Lord Samuel Joseph   Bridgewater 22/7/1997           St. Thomas' Columbarium   1747 Yes
Lovell Lindsay   Bridgewater 3/8/1982   3 weeks   Cot death G.F.Oliver St. Mary's Bridgewater   1432 Yes
Lowen Hurtle William   Tea Tree 18/4/1869 2.33 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Son of F Lowen & Mary Ann Lowen 312 Yes D25
Lowen   Rose   Prossers Plains 7/4/1877 5       F B Sharland     352 No
Lowther George   Green ? Valley 30/9/1850 46 years Hyderabad ? John Burrowes Brighton Plains   111 No
Lucas John Richard   Brighton 19/8/1841 13 days     John Burrowes     2 No
Luck James   Green Point 28/9/1848   years   Labourer & Prisoner of Crown John Burrowes Brighton Plains adult 88 No
Lufford Mary Ann   Pontville 7/12/1857 28 years   Wife of ?William Lufford Stone Mason John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   198 No
Luthrell Annie Josephine   Pontville 30/8/1881 20       John K Wilmer     379  
Lynd Sharon Joyce   Tea Tree 30/10/1992 32         St. Thomas Tea Tree died 24/10/1992 1692 No
Lynema Vivienne   Bridgewater 23/3/1982 41       G.F.Oliver   Cremation Cornelian Bay 1419 Yes
Lyons Tania Maree   Gagebrook 24/10/1987   20 hrs     D. Hayman Millington's to St. Mark's   1575 Yes N14
Lythgo Mary Ann   Pontville 2/2/1853 11.5 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard daughter of Win Lythgo Dealer 141 Yes E29
Lythgo Lydia   Pontville 15/6/1853 2 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard 2 years 10 months. Daughter of Win Lythgo Dealer 144 Yes E29
Lythgo Ellen Maria   Pontville 25/6/1853 5 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Daughter of Win Lythgo Dealer 145 Yes E29
Lythgo William   Pontville 26/4/1854 3 days     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Child of W Lythgo Dealer Pontville 161 No
Lythgo Ellen   Pontville 24/8/1864 3 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Daughter of Sarah Lythgo 264 No
Lythgo William   Pontville 12/8/1866 55 years   Dealer John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   280 No





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