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St Marks Pontville

Surnames J

Surname Given  Adobe Suburb Burial Age Unit Ship's Name Occupation Priest Burial Location Comment No Photo
Jackson Francis   Green Point 20/2/1850 45 years Coroness ? Labourer of W? ? Green Point John Burrowes Brighton Plains   105 No
Jackson Matthew Frederick   Pontville 1/12/1872 15 days     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Infant son of Jackson. Shoemaker. 342 No
Jackson William James   Pontville 21/1/1876 2 years   (bronchitis) John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   340 No
Jackson William   Pontville 28/6/1883 44     Bootmaker John K Wilmer     390  
Jackson Jacobina   Brighton Junction 13/4/1896 49     Post Mistress John K Wilmer     470  
Jackson  Murray   Taroona 25/8/1982 55       G.F.Oliver Cremation and Gordon River   1434  
Jackson  Kevin Arthur   Gagebrook 30/4/1986 45     Salesman R.J.Cartledge Crematorium   1536  
Jackson  William Eton   Opossum Bay 21/7/1988 66     T.P.I Pensioner R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's burial ground   1593 Yes O8
Jacobs Brian   Brighton 14/8/1984         G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1498 Yes L17
Jacques Josiah Shene Brighton 30/01/1897 86     Labourer John K Wilmer     479 No
Jacques Eleanor Margaret   Hobart 20/3/1912 20     Domestic Servant C H Corvan St Mark's   167 No
James William   Green Point 19/7/1868 29 years   Blacksmith John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   304 Yes
James Sarah Ann   Pontville 26/2/1871 27 years   Widow of William James of Green Point John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   326 Yes
James Robert Richard Fairfield Bridgewater 16/11/1915 12     Son of W.R. James C.C.McMichael St. Mary B'Water   200  
James Fanny Parkholme Bridgewater 11/4/1923 79     Wife of Robert James E C Spink Cornelian Bay   277 Yes
James Robert Parkholme Bridgewater 16/9/1924 82     Retired Farmer E C Spink Cornelian Bay   289 Yes
James Eric Willie Richard   Bridgewater 27/10/1949       Farmer C Robinson Cremated (Clark Bros)   536 No
James Robert Douglas   Bridgewater 23/12/1953 81     Retired Farmer C Robinson Cremation (Alex Clark & Son)   569 No
James Lena Louisa   Bridgewater 6/11/1954       Wife of Robert Douglas C Robinson Cremation (Alex Clark & Son)   577 Yes
James Donald   Bridgewater 1976       Retired A.C.Cloudsdale Cremated Cornelian Bay   1344  
James Robert Douglas (Bert)   Bridgewater 23/1/1988 91     Retired R.J.Cartledge St. Mary's to Cornelian Bay   1579 Yes
Jameson Keith Leslie   Risdon Vale 10/8/1986 47       R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1544 Yes N4
Jarvis George L   Tea Tree 21/4/1877 10       F B Sharland   Son of a farmer 354  
Jarvis     Tea Tree 27/6/1891 29     Labourer John K Wilmer     440  
Jarvis William Daniel   Bagdad 11/3/1914 59     Farmer   St. Mark's   182  
Jarvis Roy   Broadmarsh 12/7/1974 85     Pensioner A.C.Cloudsdale St. Mark's   1322 Yes I33
Jay Cyril William Norman   Glenorchy 21/12/1965 74     Retired L. B. Browning St. Mark's (Millington's)   731 No
Jay Michael William   West Hobart 24/11/1971 26     Labourer W. Letchford St. Mark's died 20/11/1971 1291 No
Jay Christopher James   Glenorchy 5/1/1972 20     Truck Driver W. Letchford St. Mark's died 1/01/1972 1292 Yes H40
Jay Alfred   St. John's Park 1/6/1974 83     Pensioner A.C.Cloudsdale St. Mark's   1319 I32
Jay Brendon John   Moonah 16/1/1975   1 day     A.C.Cloudsdale St. Mark's   1325  
Jay Ella May   Melton Mowbray 26/2/1975 82     Mother of 11 children A.C.Cloudsdale St. Mark's   1328 Yes H42
Jay Keitha C.K.   Rosetta 15/8/1986 70       R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1543 Yes M20
Jenkins Jenkin   Old Beach 17/9/1842 40 years   Labourer John Burrowes     13  
Jenkins David   West Hobart 15/12/1981 60       G.F.Oliver Cremation   1412  
Jennings Craig Malcolm   Bridgewater 26/2/1986 17     unemployed R.J.Cartledge Kingston   1524  
Jennings Mollie   Bridgewater 6/3/1987 54       R.J.Cartledge Crematorium   1561 yes
Johnson Walter High Sunderland  Bridgewater 3/8/1893 58     Gentleman John K Wilmer   Buried At St Marks Pontville 454 Yes G2
Johnson James Hadden   Kempton 8/4/1908 44     Grazier C H Corvan St Mary Kempton   114 Yes
Johnson John   Brighton 11/8/1909 79     Farmer C H Corvan St. Mark's   127 Yes BT50
Johnson Alan Laird Montana Tea Tree 19/6/1918 5     Infant E.C.Spink St. Mark's   223 Yes BT50
Johnson Margaret Lyndhurst Brighton 11/5/1921 69     Widow of John Johnson E.C.Spink St. Mark's Pontville   252 Yes BT50
Johnson Gerald Arthur   Bridgewater 6/8/1921   3 wks     W.J.Dodson St Mary B'Water   255 Yes
Johnson Emily Mary Ann   Bridgewater 4/6/1933 97       Leonard Wall Bridgewater   386 No
Johnson Joseph Arthur   Bridgewater 10/2/1934 73       Leonard Wall Bridgewater   394 Yes
Johnson Jane   Brighton 6/6/1935 43     Married Woman H. Shepherd Pontville   409 Yes BT76
Johnson Frederick Samuel   New Town 13/8/1938 76     Pensioner C E S Mitchell Bridgewater   449  
Johnson Keith   Bridgewater 27/9/1938 25     Labourer C E S Mitchell Bridgewater   451  
Johnson Arthur A.S.   Bridgewater 1/8/1939 43     Labourer C E S Mitchell Bridgewater   461 Yes
Johnson Gustave Julius   Brighton 9/1/1943 66       I J B McDonald Pontville   486 Yes BT91
Johnson Emily May   Bridgewater 6/1/1945 80       I J B McDonald Bridgewater It is reputably affirmed that this lady's father was a POW in France at the time of Napolean he then being a midshipman in the Royal Navy aged about 14 years 502 Yes
Johnson Frank Thomas   Bridgewater 23/7/1948 49     Husband of Doris R Johnson C Robinson St. Mary's (Millington's)   522 Yes
Johnson Sally Jane   Old Beach 9/11/1956 2 6 mths   Child C Robinson St. Georg'es Old Beach (Clark Bros)   601 Yes
Johnson Benjamin   Brighton 11/9/1957 88     Retired  C Robinson Pontville (Alex Clarke & Son)   611 Yes BT99
Johnson Marjorie Katherine   Bridgewater 10/1/1958 42     Wife of L.A. (Ted) Johnson C Robinson Cremation (H.C. Millington) Cornelian Bay 617 Yes
Johnson Albert Edward   Brighton 28/7/1960 75     Retired H. G. Biggs St. Mark's Obit 26/07/1960 660  
Johnson Oscar   Brighton 27/3/1962 83     Retired H. G. Biggs St. Mark's Obit 24/03/1962 684 Yes BT76
Johnson Harvey   St. John's Park 11/8/1962 76     Retired shopkeeper H. G. Biggs Cremated Cornelian Bay Obit 8/8/1962 689  
Johnson Bertha May   Brighton 17/10/1972 78     Communicant and choir memb A.C.Cloudsdale St. Mark's died 14/10/1972 1299 BT99
Johnson Samuel   Glenorchy 4/11/1980   4 mths   Cot death G.F.Oliver St.Mary's Bridgewater   1399 No
Johnson Annie   Lenah Valley 7/11/1981 78       G.F.Oliver St. Mary's Bridgewater   1411 Yes
Johnson Colin Cecil George   Bridgewater 22/4/1986 71     Retired R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1532 Yes L32
Johnson Elsie Mary   Mary Ogilvie Home 5/9/1988 84     Pensioner Max Jones St. Mark's   1601 Yes L32
Johnson Stella Helen   Montrose 22/3/1999 79     Retired Corsettier   St. Mark's Pontville died 19/3/1999 1771 Yes A11
Johnson Samson Arthur Rosary Gardens Newtown 2/8/1999           St. Mark's died 29/07/1999 1783 Yes A11
Johnston William Dromedary Station   15/12/1847 21 years   POC John Burrowes Brighton Plains   79 No
Johnston Arthur    Bridgewater 12/1/1915 36     Labourer W.J.Dodson St.Mary B'Water   189 No
Johnston Colleen Marjorie Muriel   Pontville 29/5/1936   2 days     H. Shepherd Pontville   421 No
Johnston Eva Laura   Brighton 28/7/1937 59     Married Woman H. Shepherd Pontville Headstone is Johnson 439 Yes BT76
Johnston Edward   Rosebery 2/10/1937 72     Secretary H. Shepherd Cornelian Bay   442  
Jones Agnes   Tea Tree Brush 1/12/1849 60 years     John Burrowes Brighton Plains   102 No
Jones James Green Point   19/11/1873 26 years   Labourer John Burrowes Brighton Plains Found dead. 316 No
Jones William   Green Point 21/3/1874 50 years   By Coroners Warrant John Burrowes Brighton Plains   320 No
Jones Ellen   Hobart 5/10/1882 1       John K Wilmer   1 year 3 months 388  
Jones Edith Elizabeth   Black Brush 7/1/1887 3 months     John K Wilmer   Daughter of a farmer 412 Yes F2
Jones John   Brighton 7/3/1903 85       J H Corvan   St Anne's Constitution Hill 551 Yes
Jones Jane   Constitution Hill 27/11/1907 75     Widow J H Corvan St. Anne's Constitution Hill   108 Yes
Jones Sidney   Hunting Ground 1/1/1909 36     Sheep Farmer J H Corvan St. Mark's Headstone 1908 and 38 years Sydney 123 Yes BT43
Jones Margaret   Elderslie 14/7/1911 82       J H Corvan Broadmarsh   154  
Jones Phyllis   Hunting Ground 4/4/1912   2   Infant C H Corvan St Mark's   169 Yes F2
Jones Henry   Hobart 5/3/1917 78     Retired farmer E.C.Spink St. Mark's   213 Yes BT42
Jones Millicent   Hobart 20/9/1920 74     Widow of Henry Jones No. 213 E.C.Spink St. Mark's   245 Yes BT42
Jones Irene Sarah Ann   Pontville 29/11/1933 62       Leonard Wall Pontville   391 Yes BT118
Jones Louis Walter   Hobart 28/8/1945 77       I J B McDonald Pontville   508 No
Jones Raymond George   Bridgewater 28/9/1955 16     school child C Robinson Bridgewater (Clarke Bros)   588 Yes
Jones Harold Percival   Broadmarsh 14/6/1956 72     Retired Farmer   Cornelian Bay Yes 594  
Jones Emily   Bridgewater 10/12/1966 56     Housewife L. B. Browning St. Mary's (Clarke's)   757 No
Jones Alan Frank   Risdon Vale 4/5/1979 64     Retired G.F.Oliver Cremation Cornelian Bay   1369 Yes
Jones Henry Llewellyn Sydney Cottage   4/10/1983 69     Farmer G.F.Oliver St. Augustine's   1461 Yes
Jones Neil Monty   Brighton 16/4/1987 54       R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1567 Yes N12
Jones David   Goodwood 24/5/1989 71     Retired Motor Mechanic L.Scarlett Moonah Chapel to St. Mark's   1622 Yes P9
Joseph Russell   Constitution Hill 4/3/1909       Infant C H Corvan St. Anne's   124 No
Joyce Henry Edward   Bridgewater 13/10/1982 76       G.F.Oliver Cremation Cornelian Bay   1437 yes




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