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St Marks Pontville

Surnames F

Surname Given  Adobe Suburb Burial Age Unit Ship's Name Occupation Priest Burial Location Comment No Photo
Fahey Victor John   Moonah 12/6/1986 64       R.J.Cartledge St. Thomas Tea Tree   1538 Yes 82
Fail Samuel   Pontville 18/8/1872 44 years   Labourer John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   339 No
Farrell Beryl Jean   Late of Pontville 3/4/1983 75       G.F.Oliver St. Mark's Colombarium   1441 Yes
Faulkner Amelia   Black Brush 11/7/1843 18 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard alias Williams 29 Yes J15
Fazackerley William David   Glenorchy 11/8/1998 86     Retired   St. Mark's related to the Sidney's 1760 Yes A3
Fenton Thomas   Herdsmans Cove 28/1/1854 66 years ? Farmer John Burrowes Pontville Church   155 No
Fenton Corey Aaron Jamie Christopher   Bridgewater 18/2/1993       Stillborn Phillip Aspinall St. Mark's Pontville   1695 No
Fenton Daniel Clyde   Tea Tree 15/9/2000 44     Plant operator Archdeacon Peter Stuart St. Thomas' Tea Tree died 12/09/2000 1802 Yes 87
Ferguson Amy Madeline   Black Brush 30/7/1878 9 months     F B Sharland   Daughter of a farmer 363 Yes E4
Ferguson Nellie Madge   Old Beach 14/5/1984 80       G.F.Oliver St. George's Old Beach   1478 No
Fergusson Isabella Weyms Springfield Broadmarsh 29/6/1894 73     Wife of J Fergusson John K Wilmer     462  
Fergusson Francis Clarence   Old Beach 22/6/1966 71     Retired L. B. Browning Cremated (Hooper & Burgess)   749  
Fergusson Roger David Compton Old Beach 2/8/1994 69     Farmer Marcus Laycock St. Georges Old Beach died 30/07/1994 1714 No
Fielding Elsie Jane   Pontville 1/2/1904   2   Infant J H Corvan Brighton   561  
Fielding Dorothy   Jericho 29/10/1972 69       A.C.Cloudsdale   died 25/10/1972 1300 Yes H26
Fielding Edward John   Jericho 4/5/1979 76     Retired G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1370 Yes H26
Fielding Kayla May   Gagebrook 9/4/1987   2 hrs     R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1566 Yes N10
Fields Clarence (Nick)   Bridgewater 5/8/1983 68     Retired G.F.Oliver Chapel Hooper & Burgess (Crematorium)   1448 Yes
Finlayson Jean Marie   Pontville 9/6/1931 8       Leonard Wall Pontville House Fire 360  
Finn Roy Tasman   Gagebrook 22/11/1994 67     Bushman Marcus Laycock St. Augustine's Broadmarsh died 18/11/1994 1717 Yes
Finnearty Alan   Mangalore 16/6/1915   17 mths   Infant C.C.McMichael St. Mark's   193 No
Fisher Ann   Broadmarsh 17/11/1845 28 years Bolivan   John Burrowes St Augustine Broadmarsh   58 No
Fisher George   Pontville 11/9/1846 23 years       Brighton Plains   67 No
Fisher James   Pontville 13/8/1871 53 years   Carpenter John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   330 No
Fisher Louisa   Pontville 14/10/1896 67       John K Wilmer     474  
Fitch Elizabeth   Pontville 17/1/1861 21 years Bolivan Wife of Thomas Fitch. Blacksmith. John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   239 No
Fitch Anne     3/11/1901 40       J H Corvan     538 No
Fitzgerald Verbena   Bridgewater 6/3/1889 29     Wife of a farmer John K Wilmer   St Marks Pontville Selina Fitzgerald 426 Yes F35
Flakemore Sydney James   Brighton 27/1/1995 77     Orchardist Marcus Laycock St. Mark's Pontville died 25/01/1995 1719 Yes Q8
Flakemore Osbourne   Old Beach 7/6/2000 89     Retired Orchardist   St. Mark's Pontville died 2/06/2000 1799 Yes Q9
Flakemore Maisie Eliza   Brighton   84     Home Duties Rev. Neil Vearing St. Mark's Pontville died 26/09/2000 1803 Yes Q9
Fletcher-Jones Nancy Edna Estelle Compton Downs Old Beach 22/12/1997 76     Widow   St. Mark's born 14/05/1921 died 19/12/1997 1753 Yes Q1
Fogarty Willfred   Hobart 5/8/1988 68     Pensioner R.J.Cartledge Hooper & Burgess chapel to Longley   1595  
Ford Thomas   Brighton 23/12/1843 40 years   Labourer John Burrowes Brighton Burial Ground   34 No
Foster John   Broadmarsh 19/8/1841         John Burrowes     3  
Foster Joseph   Tea Tree 26/3/1856 3 months     John Burrowes Brighton Plains Infant Son of Foster 184  
Foster William Joseph   Black Brush 1/11/1859 7 weeks     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Child of William & Catherine Foster. Labourer. 219  
Foster William Hurtle   Brighton Junction 8/10/1918 47     farm labourer E.C.Spink St. Mark's   226 Yes E7
Fox Clara Martha   Colebrook 17/12/1911 42       C H Corvan St. Thomas   164 Yes 4
Francis William   Green Point 1/10/1871 70 years   Labourer. Coroner's Inquest. John Burrowes Brighton Plains Found dead. 331 No
Freeman Thomas Lawrence   Bridgewater 15/4/1988           St. Mark's   1585 Yes O10
Freeman Jessie Barbara   Lillian Martin Home 8/7/1995 83     Home Duties Marcus Laycock St. Mark's burial at R.C. Pontville died 7/07/1995 1722  
Frost Joseph   Pontville 21/1/1881 71     Bootmaker F B Sharland     374 Yes E2




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