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St Marks Pontville

Surnames C

Surname Given  Adobe Suburb Burial Age Unit Ship's Name Occupation Priest Burial Location Comment No Photo
Calvert Francis   Broadmarsh 30/9/1964 80     Retired L. B. Browning St. Augustine's Nora Frances 712 Yes
Calvert Stuart Bailey   Broadmarsh 13/12/1999 90     Farmer   Millington's Chapel to Crematorium died 9/12/1999 1789 No
Campbell Gavin Michael   Glen Lusk 10/8/1995 62     Clinical Instructor Marcus Laycock St. Mark's died 7/08/1995 White Cross 1724 Yes P3
Campion Edward   Brighton 25/8/1908 48     Labourer J H Corvan St. Mark's   122 No
Cannan Anthony John   Claremont 3/8/1988 32     Carpenter R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1594 Yes O7
Cannan James Wilfred The Gardens Claremont 1/6/2000 85     Retired Orchardist   St. Mark's Pontville   1797 Yes O5
Cartledge Richard Anthony   Moonah 18/3/1986 16     Spray painter R.J.Cartledge Bagdad   1527 Yes
Cartwright John   Pontville 10/7/1850 10 months     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Son of William and Elizabeth Cartwright Stone Mason 109 No
Casey Vera Evelyn   Araleen Nursing Home 18/11/1985 72     Pensioner R.J.Cartledge Malbina, New Norfolk   1511 Yes
Cauley Emily   Brighton Junction 15/10/1910 46     Married Woman C H Corvan St. Mark's   144 No
Cave Thomas Leigh   Dysart 13/10/1900 83       S. H. Hughes St Anne's Dysart   519 Yes
Cave Regina   Queenstown 12/5/1902 27       J H Corvan Dysart   540 Yes
Cave Thomas Leigh   Constitution Hill 31/10/1903 27     Miner J H Corvan St Anne's Constitution Hill   107 No
Cave Mrs. P   Constitution Hill 27/12/1910 69     Widow J H Corvan St. Anne's   150 No
Cave Rita   Constitution Hill 25/11/1911 11       C H Corvan St.Anne, Dysart   168 No
Cave Raymond   Dysart 30/8/1966 70     Aged L. B. Browning Dysart   752 No
Cave Thomas Leigh   Dysart 2/8/1971 66     Bus driver W. Letchford St. Anne's Dysart died 29/07/1971   No
Cavenagh Anne   Black Brush 16/10/1841 43 years   Widow John Burrowes     4 No
Cavile Fanny   Bagdad 1/1/1847 17 years   Daughter of ? Cavile the Carrier ?     70 Yes K21
Cavile Charles   Bagdad 21/7/1852 25 years   Carrier John Burrowes Pontville Church   134 Yes K21
Caville Hanna    Bagdad 8/10/1860 60 years ? Mountains Wife of W A Caville John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   231 No
Caville Matilda   Bagdad 22/11/1866 54 years ? Royal Wife of A Caville of Bagdad John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   285 Yes E20
Caville Abraham   Green Point 26/4/1868 25 years   Farmer John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   303 Yes K23
Caville Maria   Brighton 9/3/1877 54     Wife of a farmer F B Sharland     349 No
Challenger Cyril George Edward   Tea Tree 28/01/1898 1 8 mths     John K Wilmer   Son of a farmer 484 No
Chalmers Herbert Edwin Sayes Court Bagdad 8/12/1855 11 months     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Son of F L Chalmers of Bagdad 181 No
Chalmers Emily   Bagdad 6/3/1913 54     Wife C H Corvan St. Mark's   189 Yes M3A
Chalmers Mary Dulcie   Bagdad 17/9/1913 16     School girl J H Corvan St. Mark's   190 Yes M3A
Chalmers Augusta Ann   Bagdad 11/7/1932 88       Leonard Wall Pontville   372 Yes K12
Chalmers Robert Hamilton   Bagdad 29/8/1932 82     Farmer Leonard Wall Pontville   375 Yes M3A
Chalmers Guy Hamilton   Bagdad 27/2/1939       Farmer C E S Mitchell Pontville   457 Yes J4
Chalmers Lenna Annette   Hobart 16/9/1942         A. E. Biggs Pontville   484 Yes
Chalmers Elayne Mary   Bellerive 23/9/1962       Spinster H. G. Biggs St. Mark's Obit 21/09/1962 695 Yes I2
Chalmers John Cyril   Bagdad 16/7/1968 45     Clerk L. B. Browning St. Mark's (Millington's)   771 Yes J2
Chalmers Robert Hamilton   Formerly Bagdad 8/4/1975 81     a former farmer A.C.Cloudsdle Ashes buried with relatives St. Marks   1331 Yes M3A
Chalmers Gertrude Margaret   Bagdad 12/7/1977 87     Home Duties G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1351 Yes J3
Chalmers Jean Alleyne   Pontville 30/12/1977 87       G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1355 Yes I2
Chalmers Gordon Keith Sayes Court Bagdad 20/6/1984 94     Farmer G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1483 Yes J3
Chalmers John James Butler   Launceston/ Bagdad 29/8/1984 84     Farmer G.F.Oliver St. Michael's/St. Mark's Cemetery   1488 Yes J1
Chamberlin Emily Martha   Tea Tree 13/2/1855 6 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Daughter of Henry James Chamberlin ? Tea Tree 165 No
Chaplin Edward   Black Brush 26/1/1845 18 months     John Burrowes     47  
Chaplin Fanny   Broadmarsh 24/4/1852 5 years     John Burrowes Brighton Plains Daughter of Chaplin Farmer 132 No
Chaplin Margaret   Kempton   88       J H Corvan Broadmarsh   156 Yes
Chaplin Elizabeth   Newtown 1/7/1920 85     Spinster E.C.Spink St. Augustine   241 Yes
Chilcott Jean Parry   Mangalore 19/8/1923 1 9 mths   Infant E C Spink St. Mark's   281 No
Chipman Marie Elaine   Hobart 27/6/1955       Wife of Colin Chipman Canon I.J.B.McDonald Tea Tree (Clarke Bros) nee Marie Booth 580 Yes 72
Chirstie Andrew   Old Beach 16/7/1855 86 years   Farmer Labourer John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   172 No
Chivers Frederick   Bagdad 21/6/1905 52     Farmer J H Corvan Bagdad Graveyard   577 Yes
Chivers Mary Anne   Bagdad 8/3/1910 62       J H Corvan St. Michael's & All Angels Bagdad   149 Yes
Chivers David Edward   Bridgewater 20/1/1999 51     Mill worker   Turnbull Chapel to Crematorium    1768 Yes
Christie Silvia   Bridgewater 15/5/1982 42       G.F.Oliver Burial   1425  
Clarey Ida Vivian   Brisbane 26/10/2000 85     Home Duties   St. Mark's Pontville after cremation died 16/07/2000 1804 No
Clark John   Tea Tree 28/1/1853 88 years Calcutta 1st Farmer John Burrowes Pontville Church   140 Yes E44
Clark Ann   Brighton Plains 30/12/1856 60 years   Coroners warrant for interment John Burrowes Brighton Plains   191 No
Clark William   Brighton 15/2/1864 50 years   Labourer by Coroner's Warrant John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   255 No
Clark Sarah   Brighton 30/01/1903 73     Widow J H Corvan St. Mark's   549 No
Clark Martha   Elderslie 1/8/1920 47     Wife of farmer E.C.Spink St. Augustine   242 No
Clark Edward   Ellendale 28/12/1940 85     Retired O L Davis Rector of Kempton Broadmarsh   475 No
Clark Henry   Elderslie 26/4/1941 37     Labourer I J B McDonald Bridgewater   477 Yes
Clark Mary Alma   Dromedary 26/1/1943 65       I J B McDonald Bridgewater   486 Yes
Clark Thomas William   Dromedary 19/4/1954 72     Farmer C Robinson Bridgewater (Alex Clark & Son)   573 Yes
Clark Albert Joseph   Dromedery 21/8/1961 77     Retired Farmer H. G. Biggs St. Mark's Obit 18/08/1961 675 Yes F32
Clark Heath Douglas   Brighton 8/11/1972   6 mths   Unmarried mother A.C.Cloudsdale Cemetery died 5/11/1972 1301  
Clark Doris Anne   Mangalore 6/7/1979         G.F.Oliver Cornelian Bay   1373  
Clark Albert   Bridgewater 26/3/1980 80       G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1383  
Clark Syd   Brighton   50     Council worker G.F.Oliver Cremated Cornelian Bay   1391  
Clark Johannah   Elderslie 2/6/1982 76     Post Mistress G.F.Oliver Cremation (St Mary's)   1428 Yes
Clark Douglas    Gagebrook 15/5/1984 54       G.F.Oliver St. Augustine's   1479 Yes
Clark Alice   Rosetta 1/6/1984 64       G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1482  
Clark Andrew Robert   Old Beach 24/3/1990 7     Student  Donald Moffett St. Mark's to Crematorium   1634 Yes
Clark Roger   Gagebrook 14/2/1991 42     Invalid Pensioner  Donald Moffett St. Mark's Pontville   1682  
Clarke Alice Mary   Tea Tree 23/9/1907 25     Wife J H Corvan Tea Tree Clark 105 Yes 24
Clarkson Margaret Florence   Brighton 6/3/1962 44     Wife of Fred Clarkson H. G. Biggs Cornelian Bay Obit 3/3/1962 683  
Clayton Joan Doreen   New Town 9/5/1997 62     Home Duties   Millingtons-Cremation date of death 6/05/1997 1744  
Cleary Robert Arthur   Old Beach 9/12/1939 59     Labourer C E S Mitchell Old Beach   465 Yes
Cleary Eleanor Matilda   Old Beach 13/5/1949       Post Mistress Old Beach C Robinson St. George's Old Beach (Alex Clark   532 Yes
Cleary Robert Thomas   Old Beach 11/4/1951 91     Widower C Robinson Old Beach (H.C.Millington)   550 Yes
Cleary William Robert Hildyard   Lindisfarne 2/11/1983 76     builder G.F.Oliver Chapel and Crematorium   1465  
Cleland Jessie   Bagdad 13/3/1919 74     Widow E.C.Spink St. Mark's   231 Yes
Cliffe Emily Louise   Brighton 15/6/1999       Baby   St. Mark's buried same grave as mother 1778 Yes O12
Clifford Margaret Doreen     28/12/2000               1806  
Cloak Jane   Homegrass 19/11/1847 3 days     John Burrowes     76  
Cloak Emma Honeywood Old Beach  2/2/1849 7 days     John Burrowes Brighton Plains   92 No
Cloudsdale Betty Adele   Howrah 31/8/1996 84     Retired H. Booth St. Mark's Memorial wall   1733 Yes
Cloudsdale Rev. Arthur Cygnet   Kingston 28/11/1998 76     Clerk of Holy Orders-Past rector of Brighton   Ashes interred Memorial wall St. Mark's date of death 22/05/1998 1766 Yes
Coleman William   Black Brush 8/10/1850 69 years Statesley Surgeon John Burrowes Brighton Plains   113 No
Coles Joseph   Bagdad 1/5/1850 42 years   Tailor John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   107 No
Collis Charles   Brighton 11/3/1842 65 years   Brickmaker John Burrowes   St Marks Pontville 5 Yes
Collis Harriett   Brighton 19/9/1849 44 years Coroness ? Wife of ? Overseer John Burrowes Pontville Church Ground   98 No
Collis Essy Grace   Green Point 14/6/1866 3 years     John Burrowes Brighton Plains 3 years 4 months 277 Yes
Collis Barbara Edeline   Mangalore 1/3/1924   7 mths   Infant E C Spink St. Mark's Pontville   285 No
Collis Mary Elizabeth     30/4/1928 46         Pontville   324 Yes BT33
Collis James   Melton Mowbray 19/10/1929 46     Farmer Leonard Wall Pontville   348 Yes BT32
Collis Georgina   Bagdad 14/4/1945 95       I J B McDonald Pontville   503 Yes BT31
Collis Charles William   Mangalore 28/12/1962 68     Retired T.P.I. H. G. Biggs St. Mark's Obit 26/12/1962 692 Yes F28
Collis Edward   Brighton 23/6/1964 73     Pensioner G. C. Latta St. Mark's Obit 21/6/1964 709 Yes F27
Collis Gladys Louisa   Bagdad 13/5/1983 83     Church Warden  G.F.Oliver St. Mark's (Cremated)   1444 Yes
Collis Gwenneth May   Mangalore 19/10/1983 47       G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1464 Yes L15
Collis Gladys Louisa   Mangalore 25/3/1984 83       G.F.Oliver Cremation   1476 Yes
Collis Gwenneth May See 1983     46       G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1497  
Collis James Kelvin   Brighton 9/8/1989 59     Farm Manager Education Dept Tom Clerk St. Mark's   1627 Yes
Collis William James   Mangalore 14/10/1991 63     Retired foreman   St. Mark's died 9/10/1991 1686 Yes L15
Colson Joan Harriet   Howrah 25/11/1997 81     Home Duties   St. Mark's died 23/11/1997 1752 Yes R13
Colwell Walter Rudford   Hobart 11/3/1975 86     Consulting Agricultural advisor A.C.Cloudsdale Ashes buried in memorial garden   1329 Yes
Commons Eliza   Brighton 8/3/1884 63     Wife of a farmer John K Wilmer Buried in St Mark's Churchyard   397 Yes C14
Commons Stephen Robert Flag Staff Tiers Bagdad 5/3/1896 83     Farmer John K Wilmer     469 No
Conlan Robert Dominick   Dromedary 6/1/1919 44     Epileptic E.C.Spink St Mary B'Water   230 No
Conlan Letitia Sarah The Gardens Dromedary 11/10/1923 70     Wife of Robert Conlan E C Spink St Mary's Bridgewater   282 Yes
Conlan Oscar John Macquarie   Dromedary 2/12/1939 55     Orchardist C E S Mitchell Bridgewater   464 Yes
Conlan Susan Jane   Dromedery 6/6/1955       Widow Canon I.J.B.McDonald Bridgewater (Clarke Bros)   579 Yes
Conlan Virginia Elizabeth   Melbourne 12/2/1983 60       G.F.Oliver St. Mark's Colombarium   1440  
Cooley Ruby Lavinia   Bridgewater 17/3/1992 69     Home Duties   St. Mark's died 14/03/1992 St Augustines   Yes
Coolley Robert Basil   Bridgewater 6/5/1992 78     Retired   St. Augustine's died 4/05/1992 Cooley 1690 Yes
Coomb Miles   Brighton 10/7/1985 81     Milk Vendor R.J.Cartledge Crematorium   1509 Yes
Coombes Lorna Rose   Bridgewater 6/5/1964 42     Wife of George James Coombes H. G. Biggs St. George's Church Campania Obit 3/05/1964 708 No
Cooper James Victor   Brighton Plains 24/5/1865 3 months     John Burrowes Brighton Plains Son of Cooper and ? 269 No
Cooper William James   Bridgewater 21/11/1914       Infant C.C.McMichael St Mary B'Water   186  
Cooper Doris Caroline   Bagdad 16/8/1960 51     Wife of Lyall Cooper H. G. Biggs St. Thomas Tea Tree Obit 13/08/1960 663 Yes 100
Cooper Claude Frederick   Montrose 18/9/1970       Emp. At Boyer Paper Mills W. Letchford St. Mark's Pontville died 16/09/1970 792 Yes H30
Cooper Ronald George   Bridgewater 27/3/1984 38     Muscular G.F.Oliver Cremation   1476 Yes
Coortly Thomas   Dromedary 16/9/1842 72 years   Labourer John Burrowes     12  
Coppleman Ida Eileen   Lutana 4/12/1985 77     Pensioner R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1513 Yes M7
Coppleman Betty Kathleen   Bridgewater 16/1/1987 64     Home Duties Eric Cave St. Mark's   1556 Yes N6
Coppleman Robert George   Bridgewater 19/8/1988 69     Retired miner Eric Cave St. Mark's   1598  
Corney Beatrix   Richmond 25/7/1944 56       I J B McDonald Pontville   496 Yes BT10
Cornish Hannah   Richmond 21/02/1899 82     Widow S. H. Hughes Richmond   492 No
Cornish Agnes   Elderslie 1/9/1911 56       J H Corvan Broadmarsh   157 No
Cornish Hurtel   Broadmarsh 12/1/1914 24     Farmer   St. Augustine's   194 No
Cornish Harold Victor   Elderslie 19/5/1970 78     Farmer (died 15/05/1970 W. Letchford St. Augustine's Broadmarsh   788 Yes
Corvan Catherine   Old Beach 31/10/1849 68 years dy?sia wyndermear   John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   100 No
Cotton Cynthia Lorraine   Cherry Tree Opening 29/11/1929 3       Leonard Wall Pontville   349 No
Cotton Millicent Alma "Noreen" Gretna 18/8/1948 50     Wife of Francis J Cotton C Robinson St. Mark's (Alex Clark & Son) nee Porter 523 No
Couchman Thomas   Herdsmans Cove 10/7/1850     Layton 4th ? TL by Coroness ? John Burrowes Brighton Plains about 60, Being found murdered ? Bridgewater 110 No
Coulson Robert Dominic   Dromedary 4/9/1928 77     Labourer Leonard Wall Bridgewater   333 Yes
Coulson Joshua Scott   Gagebrook 21/10/1988       Infant  R.J.Cartledge St. Mark's   1606 No
Coventry Charles Henry   Pontville 21/7/1855 1 year     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard 1 year 7 months. Child of William Coventry 173 No
Cowpa William Frederick Hayfield Green Point 5/5/1860 2 months     John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard Infant son of William & Agnes Cowpa 225 No
Cox Francis   Green Point 20/6/1849 78 years City of Edinburg New Norfolk Yeoman John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   97 Yes E40
Cox Francis   Pontville 27/5/1875 72 years   Farmer John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   332 No
Cox William   Brighton 23/8/1894       Labourer John K Wilmer     463 No
Cox Sarah   New Town 17/11/1905 83       J H Corvan Pontville   585 No
Cox James   Bridgewater 28/4/1930 84     Retired Leonard Wall Broadmarsh   352 No
Cox Brightie Deborah Jane   Broadmarsh 19/6/1948 78     Mother of Horace Cox and Hilda (Mrs. C. Johnson) C Robinson Broadmarsh Cremated (Clark Bros)   521 No
Cox Charles Gordon   Bridgewater 18/11/1949 60     Labourer C Robinson Cornelian Bay (Millington's)   535  
Cox Bassett Vernon   Bridgewater 16/6/1953 74     Council Employee C Robinson Cremation (Hooper & Burgess   565  
Crabtree Arthur Keith   Dysart 29/9/1970 63     Farmer W. Letchford St. Anne's Dysart died 26/09/1970 Arthur John 794 Yes
Cragg Noel David   Brighton 19/1/1994 37     Plant operator Marcus Laycock St. Mark's died 16/01/1994 1705 Yes I31
Crain Janey   Pontville 14/3/1848 50 years     John Burrowes Pontville Church Craun James 82 Yes E38
Crawn David   Bridgewater 14/4/1855 13 years   Native of Island John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   170 No
Crawn Mary   Bagdad 1/4/1857 93 years   Native of Island John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   193 No
Creed Catherine   Richmond 18/2/1914 54     Wife   St. Mark's   180  
Creed Edward   Brighton 28/5/1929 76     Retired Leonard Wall Pontville died 24 May 1928 aged 76 years 343 Yes G36
Creed Bernard Victor   Brighton 23/1/1958       Retired C Robinson Pontville (Alex Clark & Son)   618 Yes BT100
Creed Amy Thurza Louisa   Brighton 21/10/1980 88       G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1396 Yes BT100
Cripps Eileen Jean   Broadmarsh 30/8/1960       Wife of Frank Cripps-vestryman at St.Augustine's H. G. Biggs Cremated Cornelian Bay Obit 28/8/1960 665  
Cromarty William   Brighton 21/4/1976 46     Vestryman and Civil Servant A.C.Cloudsdale Cremated Cornelian Bay   1337  
Crosby John Henry Hugh   Devonport 10/7/1981 74       G.F.Oliver St. Mark's   1404 Yes
Crossin June   Oatlands 14/01/1900 74       R.H.Chalmers St Mark's   512  
Crothers Ellen   Pontville 3/6/1864 41 years ? wife of Joseph Crothers. Constable John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   261 Yes
Crothers Joseph   Bridgewater 19/2/1871 50 years   Constable of Pontville John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   325 Yes
Cu? John   Old Beach 12/3/1851 27 years   Farmer ? Foster     119  
Cumberland Pergrine Bertie Strathallen Brighton 9/8/1893 61     Gentleman John K Wilmer     455  
Curle Malcolm Cave   Kempton     5   Infant C H Corvan St Mary Kempton   113 Yes
Curran John Edward   Mangalore 15/11/1938 49     Labourer C E S Mitchell Pontville   453 Yes BT121
Curry Jane May   Richmond 10/07/1898 28       S. H. Hughes Bur. Richmond Wife of prospector 488  
Cutter Job Broadmarsh Station   28/12/1842 23 years David Clarke Prisoner of the Crown JPrisoner of the Crown     18  
Cutts William   Tea Tree 13/10/1848 57 years   Farmer John Burrowes Pontville Church Yard   89  




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