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Tasmanian World War 11 Casualties

Surnames D

Name Service Number Death Date Place of Death Cause of Death Burial Photo
Daft Leslie George TX5026 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Dalco William George 408026 29/05/1941 Middle East Flying Battle

Rhodes War Cemetery

grave only
Dale Tasman T1760 21/03/1943 111AGH Campbell Town Died from illness

Tasmanian War Cemetery

grave only
Dalgleish Leslie George 12240 17/08/1943 Queensland Coast Flying Accident Sydney Missing Memorial yes
Daniels Cyril John TX1303 10/11/1942 New Guinea Killed in action Bomana War Cemetery yes
Daniels Max Henry TX1039 6/01/1943 New Guinea Died from wounds Soputa War Cemetery yes
Darcy Richard Joseph 408172 6/10/1944 Manus Island Flying Accident Rabaul Missing Memorial yes
Darling Edmund William TX2733 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Davern Owen William John 5312  21/05/1945 Borneo Flying Battle Labuan War Cemetery yes
Davey Bert Leonard TX1521 5/08/1940 Australia Died from illness Cornelian Bay grave only
Davey Cyril Douglas TX3384 21/02/1941 Australia Accidental drowning Carr Villa Launceston no
Davidson Edward James T20700 1/08/1942 Tasmania Gunshot wound Carr Villa Launceston no
Davidson George Connolly TX2885 13/09/1944 Phillipines on board Rakuyo Maru Presumed dead   no
Davidson Hector Archibald TX2147 24/07/1943 Hintock Camp Thailand Cholera Kanburi War Cemetery no
Davies Alfred Angus 23176 1/03/1942 HMAS Perth (Confirmed POW Dysentery Thanbyuzayat War Cem no
Davies Raymond Elwin TX32 22/11/1942 New Guinea Died from illness Bomana War Cemetery no
Davis Albert Edward 88842 25/02/1945 Melbourne died of injuries Cremated Springvale Cemetery grave only
Davis Allan Neamiah TX2958 24/6/1944 At sea (South West Pacific Area) Presumed   no
Davidson George Connolly TX2958 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Davis Geoffrey Herbert 89474 9/10/1947 Laverton died of injuries Springvale War Cemetery grave only
Davis John Cyril 23763 20/11/1945 HMAS Huon  motor cycle accident Launceston War Cemetery grave only
Davis Lawrence Arthur 8905 23/09/1944 Germany Flying Battle Runnymede (UK) Missing Memorial no
Davis Stanley Roy 20732 20/11/1941 HMAS Sydney Presumed Killed in Action   no
Davis Thomas Joseph Wm TX369 3/01/1943 New Guinea Killed in action not buried no
Davis William A Mathias 408278 30/05/1943 North West Europe Flying Battle Schaffen Com. Cem. Diest Belgium yes
Dawson Lancelot Henry TX4677 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Dean David Erskine Ellis 408307 28/07/1943 North West Europe Flying Battle Runnymede (UK) Missing Memorial yes
Dean Geoffrey Reginald 408057 11/01/1941 Altona Victoria Ground Accident Cremated Springvale Cemetery no
Dean Louis Charles TX2902  24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Dean Raymond Harry 408038 4/02/1942 North Cressy Victoria Flying Accident Carr Villa Cemetery no
Deane Frederick Albert TX961 5/09/1940 Lopcombe England Self inflicted wound Tidworth Cemetery Wiltshire grave only
Dechaineux Emile Frank V Captain 21/10/1944 HMAS Australia (hit by suicide plane) Died of wounds At sea yes
Deed Cyril Keith 30953 22/12/1944 Holland Flying Battle Oostelbeers Holland yes
Delaney Maxwell Raymond 30523 13/11/1944 Atlantic Flying Accident Runnymede (UK) Missing Memorial yes
D'Emden Ian Cameron TX2641 27/04/1941 Greece Killed in action Kalamata Greece yes
Denholm Robert Alexander 408363  21/02/1945 Italy Flying Battle Padua War Cemetery yes
Dennis Eldon Maurice TX33 1/01/1943 New Guinea Killed in action Bomana War Cemetery yes
Dennis James William TX8386 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Devereaux Wallace Owen TP344 19/10/1944 111 AGH Campbell Town   Cremated Cornelian Bay yes
Devlin Donald Charles 4280 24/01/1942 Malaya Flying Battle Singapore Missing Memorial no
Dick Maxwell TX5843 25/08/1943 POW Spnkrai Camp Fractured skull  Thanbyuzayat War Cem no
DickensonMax Elwin 408388  7/06/1944 English Channel UK Flying Battle Runnymede (UK) Missing Memorial grave only
Dickinson Franklin Holt TX2935 9/07/1941 Syria Died from injuries Beyrouth British War Cemetery yes
Dinon Paul Vincent Peter Bdr  1/07/1942 At sea on board Montevideo Maru Presumed dead   no
Direen William Thomas TX12427 12/08/1945 Stuart Highway N.T Vehicle accident Alice Springs War Cemetery grave only
Dixon Archibald William TX8040 22/12/1943 POW Changi Malaya Cardiac beri beri Kranji War Cemetery yes
Dobbie Carl Bernard 253506 16/01/1944 New Guinea Ground Accident Lae War Cemetery yes
Dobson John Clarence TX1173 5/07/1943 Traralgon  Died from illness Sale War Cemetery yes
Dobson Trevor Raymond TX8299 10/06/1945 Sandakan Borneo POW Died from illness   yes
Docker William Arnold TX14441 17/12/1944 Ralphs Bay (body not recovered) Drowned   no
Dolliver Thomas Henry TX4200 5/04/1942 Timor Died of illness Galala War Cemetery yes
Dolan Vernon George TX2782 6/10/1942 Timor Fractured skull  Batavia Pulu War Cemetery no
Domeney Rowland Ernest TX4408 1/07/1942 On board Montevideo Maru Presumed dead   no
Donald Ernest James TX1223 5/02/1944 Australia Died from injuries Atherton War Cemetery no
Donovan George Arthur T245047 25/01/1945 111 AGH Campbell Town Neoplasma of lungs Cornelian Bay Cemetery grave only
Dowling Frank Bartley TX5080 9/09/1943 Chungkai Thailand Died of diease Kanburi War Cemetery grave only
Drew Bernard Charles TX4808  26/07/1943 Thailand Tamarkan Beri Beri Dysentery Kanburi War Cemetery grave only
Drummond Alfred Neil TX2211 30/06/1945 Sumatra near Pakan Beri Beri Medan Sumatra British yes
Duckett Sidney Thomas TX215 2/01/1943 New Guinea Killed in action War Cemetery yes
Dudfield Alfred Edward TX8276 17/10/1943 Malaya Colitis Thanbyuzayat War Cem no
Duggan Bernard Leo 63239 5/03/1944 New Guinea Flying Battle Bomana War Cemetery grave only
Duggan Maxwell George 5022 4/06/1943 Hobart Tasmania died of injuries Cornelian Bay War Cemetery grave only
Duncan James Maxwell            
Duncanson Leonard 359752 20/05/1945 Darwin area Flying Accident Adelaide River War Cemetery yes
Dunn Claude Leslie H1515  4/03/1942 HMAS Yarra (missing loss of ship) Presumed dead   no
Dutneall Ralph Alan 418083 27/07/1944 France Flying Battle Banneville-la-Campagne War Cem yes



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