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These are convicts whom come into our families if they come into yours please send us an email we will be interested in hearing from you.

References: Tasmanian Convict Disc Tasmanian Archives Office

  Surname Christian Names Arrived Per  
  Birchall John "Calcutta"  
  Blackhall Thomas "Almorah"  
  Briscoe Benjamin "Calcutta"  
  Brown Sarah "Emma Eugenia 2"  
  Carpenter Elizabeth "Westmoreland 1"  
  Champion William "Asia 2"  
  Creese/Cruse Thomas “Elizabeth Henrietta”  
  Crouch Elizabeth "William Bryan"  
  Dove William "Proteus"  
  Duncombe John "Albermale"  
  Featherstone Thomas "Asia"  
  Fisher Edward "Matilda"  
  Galt Ann “Emma Eugenia 2”  
  Garland Joseph "Circassian"  
  Hackett Mary "Mary Ann"  
  Hailstone Elizabeth "Sir Charles Forbes"  
  Hallam Joseph "Bussorah Mercant"  
  Hally James "Lord Aukland"  
  Hickey Ellen “Kangaroo”  
  Hickman Deborah "Navarino"   
  Hulme Ann “William Bryan”  
  Jacques Joseph "Barossa 1"  
  Johnson Montrose "Indefatigable"  
  Jones Benjamin "Brittania"  
  Kehoe Hannah "Blackfriar"  
  Langdon William "Canton"  
  Lester Reuben “Mangles”  
  Lythgoe Peter "Bussorah Mercant"  
  McDonald William Asia  
  Phillips John  
  Porter George " Scarborough "  
  Prendergast Elizabeth "Sir Robert Seppings"  
  Pye John Frederick "Sarah"  
  Ransley George    
  Sanders Lydia "Eliza 1"  
  Simpson Francis John "Hyderabad"  
  Simpson Thomas “Countess of Harcourt”  
  Smith John “Lady Castlereagh”  
  Smith John "Blenheim 4"  
  Smith William Wells "Mary'"  
  Shevlin/Sheelon Catherine  Midlothian  
  Tiffin Thomas Asia 5”  
  Tilyard Thomas "Sir Godfrey Webster"  
  Tunbridge Johnathon “Lady Harwood”  
  Waddle Alexander “Indefatigable”  
  Webb John “Katherine Stewart Forbes”   
  Wheatley John George "Claudine"  
  Wilks Joseph "Elizabeth"  
  Wright Thomas "Guildord"  








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