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Anchor Hope, sometimes maritime or naval service
Angels  Rebirth, resurrection and protection,
Arrow Mortality
Ball or orb Faith
Bible  Knowledge, sometimes deceased minister
Butterfly  Short lived, an early death
Celtic cross Faith and eternity,
Cherub  Innocence - may mark grave of a child
Column  Noble life
Column, broken  Head of family, early death, grief
Corn  Old age
Cross   Christian faith, resurrection
Crown Glory of life after death
Cup or chalice The Christian sacrament
Dolphin Resurrection, salvation,
Dove Love, purity and resurrection,
Eagle Courage, faith and generosity
Eye  Humility
Face (winged) effigy of the deceased soul,
Female figure Sorrow and grief
Finger pointing up Pathway to heaven
Fish Faith, life, spiritual nourishment also gospel symbol
Flying bird Rebirth
Garland Victory over death
Gun Military service
Hands clasped Farewell and hope of meeting in eternity
Harp Hope
Helmet Military service, strength and protection
Hourglass With wings attached represents shortness of life
Ivy  Friendship, fidelity, undying affection and eternal life
Lamb Innocence- may mark grave of a child
Laurel Fame, victory and triumph
Lily Innocence and purity
Lion Courage, bravery and strength,
Lotus Sleep, purity and resurrection
Mistletoe Immortality
Momento Mori   Carved inscription “remember death” in Latin.
Myrtle  Undying love, peace
Naked figure Truth, purity and innocence
Oak leaves and acorn  Maturity and old age
Olive branch Peace, forgiveness,
Open gates Afterlife- the soul entering heaven
Owl Wisdom, solitude, a warning of impending death
Palm branch  Victory and rejoicing
Pansy Flower signifying remembrance,
Poppy  Sleep, eternal sleep
Pyramid  Resurrection and eternal life
Rifle   Military service
Ring, broken  A family severed
Rose Flower signifying victory, pride, triumphant love, purity
Rose in full bloom Prime of life
Star Divine Guidance
Thistle Normally Scottish descent
Torch truth and wisdom
Triangle Holy Trinity
Weeping Willow Sorrow and mourning
Wheat Fruitful life and old age
Wreath Victory





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