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The following table was extracted from the above book written by R. Nixon Dalkin.

If you have an interest in any of the headstones described I would recommend reading this book as the author has extensively researched many of the names and has also included all available headstone photographs.

Permission for material used in the index has been granted by the authorís family for which we thank them.

Surname Given Death Age   Comments
Anderson Michie 23/09/1834 27 executed for Mutiny
Atkinson John 5/02/1840   drowning Convict arrived on the "Minerva"
Badcock John 1807      
Baird John 1/08/1835   drowning Private His Majesty's 50th
Baldock Alfred Essex 12/04/1848   Drowning Chief Constable
Barry James 6/01/1844 36   Native of Killarney Ireland
Bedwell Patrick 3/07/1842 26 shot Convict arrived "Atlas"
Bergin Thomas 1/08/1835   drowning Private 50th or Queen's Own Regiment
Berry Thomas 11/09/1834 23 executed for Mutiny
Best Captain John Charles 15/02/1840   Drowning 50th (The Queens Own) Royal West Kents
Blainey Martha 1/04/1836 49   Wife of Private James Blainey 50th Regiment
(B)owles   23/12/1806      
Borgin Jean 17/03/1838 1   Dau of Corp. Wm Borgin 50th Regiment
Borgin Ann 8/03/1838 30   Wife of Corporal Will Borgin 50th Regiment
Borgin daughter 17/03/1838 10 mths   dau of Corporal Will Borgin 50th Regiment
Branch Mary Ann 1853 8    
Brown Samuel   22   Private X1 Regiment of Infantry
Brown John 11/09/1843 30   Constable
Bryan James 1844     Convict
Burke Walter 22/09/1834 28 executed for Mutiny
Burns Martin 10/09/1841 40 hematemosos Convict arrived on the "Ann and Amelia"
Butler John 22/09/1834 28 executed for Mutiny
Cannavan Edward 17/01/1847 26   Soldier X1 Regiment
Caslake Joseph 21/07/1843 34   Private H.M. 96 Regiment of Foot
Cassidy Mary Ann 11/02/1848 36   Husband Sgt John Cassidy of the 99th Regiment
Cavanach John 22/03/1850 33   Private H.M. 99th Regiment
Coffee Thomas 18/09/1830 39   Native of Conty Tipperary
Conway James 23/07/1840 7   Son of Sgt Conway, 96th Regiment of Foot
Core George Mason 18/01/1832 2 mths    
Core Jane 20/04/1833 4 mths    
Costello Bridget        
Cunningham James 11/09/1851 25   Private H.M. 99th Regiment
Curley Nich's 27/11/1842 38   Native of County Galway
Currell Charles Ratcliffe 9/11/1846 16 mths   Son of William Currell 11th Regiment of Infantry
Daley Chas 3/07/1841 41 dysentary Convict arrived "Chapman"
Dalton William 29/12/1853 31 drowning Private H.M. 99th Regiment
De Winton George Wade William 13/01/1850 11 mths   father George Jean de Winton (99th Regiment)
Deneen Patk 3/04/1841 40 enteritis Convict arrived on the "Nautilus"
Douglass John       Son of William Douglass 60th Regiment
Drummond H 22/09/1834 26 executed for Mutiny
Duffy John 29/01/1852 84   Lance Corporal of H.M. 99th Regiment
Duggan Laure 11/09/1839 40 executed for Mutiny
Edwards Thomas 3/09/1845 26   Native of Liverpool
Everett George Hart 3/02/1849 2   Son of Dr. Everett, Senior Medical Officer
Fitz-Gibbons John 8/03/1832 26   Private 39th Regiment
Flaherty Pat 26/12/1842 32   Arrived on the "Earl Grey" in 1840
Ford Thos 21/12/1842 23   Native of London
Fullerton Margaret 29/04/1842 23   Wife of John Fullerton Private 96 Regiment of Foot
Gall Hindley Charles       Son of Captain Gall
Glenny Pat 22/09/1834 28 executed for Mutiny
Godden John 18/05/1840 23   Private H.M. 96 Regiment of Foot
Goodhall daughter 17/12/1845 2   Dau of John & Anne Goodhall
Goodwin William 24/07/1838 23   Convict arrived on the "Portland"
Gregory Sarah 20/04/1807 67   wife of Thomas Gregory
Guest Mary       dau of George Guest (Convict First Fleet)
Hales George 16/08/1801 47   Ship's Captain
Hall John 1843 24   Convict arrived "Dromedary"
Hamilton Catherine 25/04/184? 3   dau of Captain B. G. Hamilton
Hardinge George 20/12/1839 23 drowning Private Her Majesty's 50th Regiment of Foot
Harrington Pat 1842 31   Native of Ireland
Hart Noah 25/04/1846 20   Private Her Majesty's X1 Regiment 
Haslam daughter        
Haslam Noah       H.M. 39th Regiment
Head Thomas 10/07/1843 39   Convict arrived on the "Ocean"
Headington Thomas 13/01/1798 40   Convict First Fleet
Heartwell P.H. 3/11/1828 45   Assistant Surgeon
Helliday M       Footstone only
Helliday Margaret 19/02/1843      
Hickey Thos 5/07/1832 26    
Hill Robert 5/08/1829 27   Private 59th Regiment
Howe Rob 15/08/1842 23   Private H.M. 96 Regiment of Foot
Hughes William 26/10/1845 47   Private 58th Regiment
Hunter Thos 1843 22   Convict arrived on the "Augusta Jessie"
Hurley Catherine 19/09/1837 9 mths    
Hussey Will 25/03/1831 25   Private 39th Regiment
Hynds George 1/12/1837 39   Private 50th Regiment
J.I.N   1832      
Jaycock Richard 24/07/1838 29 cave in Convict arrived on the "Castle"
Johnston Maria 4/03/1837 4   dau of Corporal James Johnston 50th Regiment
Jones Samuel 21/06/1842 24 shot Convict arrived on the "John"
Kelly Bartw 21/06/1842 26 shot Native of Kilmurray
Kingston Jas 27/08/1841 32    
Knowles Hny 22/09/1834 29 executed for Mutiny
Lambert Fred 8/02/1842 22 Tuberculosis Convict arrived on the "Mangles"
Leach John 14/09/1835 34 Tuberculosis Wesleyan Minister
Lillas James 8/05/1852 28   Private H.M. 99th Regiment
Lynch Patk 18/04/1842 24 murdered Convict from Knoctophe Coy Kilkenny Ireland
MacAuliffe John 20/12/1831 25   Private 39th Regiment
Magenis William 24/07/1841 27    
Mahoney Bar'y 17/11/1837 35   Private 50th Regiment
Mansfield Michael 13/09/1847 22 fall from horse Private X1 Regiment of Infantry
McCann Barty   25   Native of Belfast
McClusky James 14/02/1830 7 days    
McCulloch William 23/09/1834 21 executed for Mutiny
McDivitt John 4/03/1852 32   Assistant Superintendent of Convicts
McGeary Bernard 17/09/1841     Son of Cathe McGeary
McGregor infant son 7/10/1843     Son of James and Isobel McGregor
McLean John 15/02/1840 43 Drowning Superintendent of Agricultlure
McLeod Colina Campbell 18/02/1835 6   dau of Archibald McLeod Supt. Of Agriculture
McLoughlin John 15/02/1840 27 drowning Corporal 50th or Queens Own Regiment
Morrison H 1843     Wife of Private Morrison 96th Regiment
Mulligan Patrick 4/11/1843 33   Convict arrived on the "Henry Porcher"
Mullin Andrew 18/03/1845     son of John & Susan Mullin
Nash Sarb        
Neale Ja's 4/02/1832 32 accidentally shot Private 4th or King's Own Regiment
O'Donoghue Michael 19/08/1846 33   Soldier X1 Regiment
Pery Susanna 22/08/1841 30   Wife of the Honorable W. H. Pery
Pery Susanna Emily 18/01/1842 6 mths   dau of the Honorable W. H. Pery
Pilkington Mary 17/08/1843 42   Wife of Richard Pilkington 
Price Emma Julia 28/03/1849 2 Infection dau of Commandant John Price
Rankine James 14/12/1842 41   Late of Kelvin Sterlingshire
Ransom infant son 1849 8 days   son of Henry and Harriet Ransom
Reardon Steve 6/05/1801     probably the son of Bartholomew Reardon
Reardon Daniel 11/11/1801 2   Probably the son of Bartholomew Reardon
Regan D 1834      
Reynoldson Anthony       husband of Charlotte
Robertson Elizabeth White 11/01/1847 24 Tuberculosis dau of Gilbert Robertson, late Supt of Agriculture
Roger Jane 15/12/1837 36   Wife of Robt Roger 50th Regiment
Rolland Charles Wade Car 18/08/1834 2 mths severe cold Son of Assistant Surgeon Rolland
Rowe Francis 2/02/1845 32   Storekeeper
Rudford Jane 17/05/1850 26   wife of George Rudford (99th Regiment)
Rutledge Edwin Elliott 31/03/1853 24   from the whaling brig "Daniel Watson"
Savage William 24/06/1846 21   Private X1 Regiment 
Say(e) James 21/06/1842 35 killed Convict arrived on the "Arab"
Scaisbrick Joseph 1847     Son of Corporal Henry Scaisbrick
Sharp(e) Jon 1841 34 drowning Convict arrived on the "John"
Shearman John       39th (The Dorsets)
Sheridan Bartholomew 15/08/1840 32   Private Her Majesty's 50th Regiment of Foot
Sigsworth John 19/02/1841 37   Coxswain
Smith John George 10/12/1843 3   son of Commissariat Officer J. W. Smith
Smith Stephen 1/07/1846 40 murdered Native of Dublin - Overseer at Norfolk Island
Smith John 14/08/1843 28   Private H.M. 96 Regiment of Foot
Snell J 22/09/1834 22 executed for Mutiny
Stor(e)y William 9/01/1838 45 killed Convict arrived on the "Henry Porcher"
T.E   1833      
Tandy William 31/12/1845 28 Drowning 58th (The Rutlands)
Thompson Mary 10/08/1846 44   Wife of Thos Thompson of X1 Regiment
Tool John 1834      
Turner Charles 1/10/1850 20 Drowning 99th (The Lankarks)
Unknown Elizabeth P        
Wade Joseph 2/10/1847 23   Private X1 Regiment of Infantry
Walker John 1838      
Waller E & M       Footstone only
Waller Elizabeth  11/06/1842 3 weeks   Dau of Mathew James Waller
Waller Matilda 30/12/1843 1   dau of Mathew James Waller
Whalen Daniel 6/10/1841 45   Convict arrived "Captain Cook"
Wilson Amellae Rodolphi        
Wingate James 4/06/1836 40   Private 50th or Queen's Own Regiment
Woods James 22/03/1842 11 mths   Son of Private Andrew Woods
Wright Thos Saulsbury 7/02/1843 105   Convict arrived "Canada" aged 92
York Thomas 17/01/1834 22 accidentally shot Private 4th or King's Own Regiment





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