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St Marys Bridgewater Baptisms

The Following information was extracted from the St Marys Bridgewater Baptisim Register

Surname Given  Parents Birth Baptism Address Occupation Minister
Anton Margaret James and Louisa 09/10/1868 05/07/1874 Bridgewater    
Anton Mary Ann James and Louisa 14/02/1871 05/07/1874      
Anton Emily Augusta James and Louisa 14/06/1873 05/07/1874      
Booth Hannah William and Margaret 20/10/1859 27/11/1859 Brighton Engineer W. Bennett
Bowden Alfred John Thomas and Sarah Ann 11/11/1856 11/01/1857 O'Briens Bridge Miller W. Bennett
Bradshaw Mary Hannah William and Louisa 23/02/1857 22/03/1857 Brighton Licensed Vict. W. Bennett
Burrows Margaret Ann Joseph and Sarah 27/03/1862 28/01/1863 Bridgewater Labourer W. Bennett
Buxton Ellen William and Martha 07/11/1843 21/03/1847 Bridgewater Farmer John Yarker
Buxton Francis William and Martha 12/02/1847 21/03/1847 Bridgewater Farmer John Yarker
Chandler Sarah William and Caroline 09/05/1872 28/07/1872 Glenorchy Gardener Edward Symonds
Clark Mary Ann William and Christiana 16/05/1851 02/05/1852 Bridgewater Labourer W. Bennett
Duke Louis Alfred George De Gory and Ann 24/07/1857 06/09/1857 Bridgewater District Constable W. Bennett
Ellis George Henry & Mary Ann 1/09/1847 13/10/1847 Bridgewater Farmer John Yarker
Ellis George James Henry and Mary Ann 15/04/1850 30/06/1850 Bridgewater Farmer W. Bennett
Ellis Mary Ann Henry and Mary Ann 08/10/1848 30/06/1850 Bridgewater Farmer W. Bennett
Ellis William Henry Henry and Mary Ann 25/10/1851 14/12/1851 Bridgewater Farmer W. Bennett
Gay Silas William & Mary Ann Elizabeth 05/07/1848 22/10/1848 Break of Day Wheelwright W. Bennett
Gladman Joseph William and Rhoda 13/09/1846 14/03/1847 Bridgewater Farmer John Yarker
Gladman Henry William and Rhoda 14/05/1848 16/07/1848 Bridgewater Farmer John Yarker
Gladman Charles William and Rhoda 03/07/1849 04/11/1849 Bridgewater Farmer W. Bennett
Holmes Thomas William John and Caroline 18/12/1871 14/02/1872 Glenorchy Labourer Edward Symonds
Horton Caroline Louisa James and Louisa Jane 22/12/1860 20/01/1861 Bridgewater Farmer W. Bennett
Jones Helen Letitia John and Letitia 04/06/1848 20/08/1848 Bridgewater   John Yarker
King John John and Elizabeth 26/01/1848 20/02/1848 Bridgewater Farmer John Yarker
Kunde Karl Ludwig Friedrich and Wilhelmine 24/02/1871 18/11/1871 Glenorchy Labourer Edward Symonds
Lester Thomas Reuben and Margaret 24/09/1851 26/10/1851 Bridgewater Servant W. Bennett
Mansfield Alice Charles & Susannah 27/07/1845 09/05/1847 Bridgewater Shoemaker John Yarker
Mansfield Julia Charles & Susannah 14/09/1847 24/10/1847 Bridgewater Farmer John Yarker
Mansfield Maria Ann William and Hannah 23/04/1849 20/05/1849 Bridgewater Shoemaker W. Bennett
Mansfield Emily Charles and Susannah 07/08/1850 27/10/1850 Bridgewater Tailor W. Bennett
Mansfield William Edmund William and Hannah 28/07/1851 3/08/1851 Bridgewater Shoemaker W. Bennett
Mansfield Margaret Maria Charles and Susannah 26/11/1852 08/08/1853 Bridgewater Tailor John Burrowes
Mansfield Frances Ann William and Hannah 16/12/1852 23/01/1853 Bridgewater Shoemaker W. Bennett
Mansfield Wallace William and Hannah 09/06/1856 03/08/1856 Bridgewater Shoemaker W. Bennett
Mansfield Adelaide Charles and Susannah 12/01/1860 10/01/1861 Brighton Tailor W. Bennett
Marvell Joseph Charles and Eliza 29/10/1870 05/07/1874      
Marvell and Dean Mary Ann Charles and Eliza 04/02/1857 21/08/1859 Bridgewater Lime Burner W. Bennett
Marvell and Dean Charles Charles and Eliza 20/05/1859 21/08/1859 Bridgewater Lime Burner W. Bennett
Moore Rosa Jemima Frederick Emanuel & Katherine 11/07/1862 18/07/1862 Bridgewater Licensed Vict. W. Bennett
Outridge George John Alfred and Jane 09/03/1846 07/02/1847 Bridgewater Innkeeper John Yarker
Pincot Emma Foster Elizabeth and Thomas 11/06/1850 06/10/1859 Kensington Labourer W. Bennett
Rayner Maria Richard and Sarah 13/10/1847 05/12/1847 Bridgewater Farmer John Yarker
Rayner Charles Richard and Sarah 05/01/1850 10/02/1850 Bridgewater Farmer W. Bennett
Rayner Elijah Wallace Richard and Sarah 25/09/1857 15/11/1857 Bridgewater Farmer W. Bennett
Rayner Archibald Thomas Edward and Jane 18/08/1869 09/10/1870 Glenorchy Farmer Edward Symonds
Richards John Graham Tobias Martin and Jane 15/02/1851 06/04/1851 Bridgewater Schoolmaster W. Bennett
Rider Charles Alfred John and Mary 18/01/1849 04/02/1849 Bridgewater Innkeeper W. Bennett
Rimmer Celia Hollis Henry and Matilda 08/02/1848 26/03/1848 Tasman Pen Superintendent John Yarker
Smart John Samuel George and Elizabeth 20/10/1868 21/12/1873 Bridgewater   John C. Mace
Smart Arthur Thomas George and Elizabeth 06/03/1870 21/12/1873 Bridgewater   John C. Mace
Smart Sydney Tasman George and Elizabeth 21/10/1873 21/12/1873 Bridgewater Contractor John C. Mace
Stagg Charles John and Catherine 06/08/1849 11/11/1849 Bridgewater Gardener W. Bennett
Stagg Susan Catherine and John 27/12/1850 20/03/1851 Bridgewater Gardener W. Bennett
Stevens Caroline James and Mary 02/03/1862 30/03/1862 Bridgewater District Constable W. Bennett
Whiting Walter Johnathon and Ellen 30/12/1846 07/02/1847 Hestercombe Shoemaker John Yarker



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