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ST. Mattias Woodsdale Tasmania 


Extract from the Church News for the Diocese of Tasmania

1st. April 1911 

In the rural district of Woodsdale there has been erected a little church, the dedication of which to St. Matthias was performed in the presence of a crowded congregation on Sunday afternoon March 12 by the Archdeacon of Hobart, acting on behalf of the Bishop and assisted by the Ref. Wilfrid Earle, rector of Buckland which includes Woodsdale.  It is of exceedingly pretty design and had been reverently appointed and faithfully built. 

The land for the new church was donated by Mr. Charles A. Wiggins who had been the post and telephone conducter at Woodsdale, whose residence and property adjoins the church.  Mr. Pitt bore the cost of the heavy timber which was sawn locally, and public subscriptions were solicited, though some little difficulty was met with in getting a committee who could give the time necessary for work of this kind.  Ultimately, Messrs. W. Kenna, P.CWagner, T.A. Wiggins and A.L.Bender were appointed. 

Although St. Matthias’ church is not very big, it has cost the country folk much thought before it could be built and when it was completed the cost amounted to 230 pounds. 

The building is of stone foundation, with superstructure of wood and roof of iron, and in Gothic style, all the windows being encrusted amber and green glass, which give a pleasantly subdued lighting effect.  The brothers P.C. and George Wagner, as the builders and architects, are to be congratulated upon their good work which reflects the highest credit on their skill as workmen. 

The carved altar table, prayer desk, and lectern in Huon and American red pine are all donations from the younger members of the Wagner family while Mr. Wagner and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Smith, presented some of the church seats which are of approved design and of American red pine.  The present Rector’s gift is the handsome bishop’s chair.   

The laying of the foundation stone took place on July 30th, 1909 which Mr. T.C. Hodgman MHA, acted as proxy in the absence of the esteemed Bishop, the Rev. Thomas Pitt, the then vicar conducting the ceremony.









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