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Tasmanian World War 11 Casualties

Surnames T

Name Service Number Death Date Place of Death Cause of Death Burial Photo
Taber Leslie Arthur TX14721 13/10/1945 Balikpapan Borneo Accidental death Sandakan War Cemetery plaque
Taylor Alfred TX4624 22/02/1942 Timor Killed in action

Runnymede (UK) Missing Memorial

Taylor Edward James 3846 21/06/1942 Off United Kingdom coast Flying Battle   no
Taylor Henrie Harold TX4414 1/07/1942 POW torpedoed Montevideo Maru Drowned   no
Taylor Robert 12134 15/02/1945 Noemfoor Island Ground accident Lae War Cemetery no
Taylor Rupert Allenby 21140 20/11/1941 HMAS Sydney Presumed Killed in Action   yes
Taylor Stuart Leonard TX8442 22/02/1942 Timor Killed in action   no
Taylor William Pollok TX2020 4/05/1941 Middle East   Tobruk War Cemetery no
Telford George Frederick VX56970 12/12/1944   prisoner of the Japanese   yes
Templeton Rex Bernard 428079 6/11/1944 Germany Flying Battle Reichswald Forest War Cem. no
Terry Arthur Lewis 409770 8/06/1944 United Kingdom Flying Accident Oxford RAF Cem Hinksey yes
Terry Elliott Frederick TX3597 15/06/1942 POW Timor Shot by Japanese   no
Terry Eric Arthur VX39269 14/2/1942 Malaya Killed in action   no
Terry Gordon Bernard TX431 25/04/1941 British General Hospital Middle East   Chatby War Memorial Cemetery yes
Thirkell Neil Emmerson TX12329 17/10/1945 Timor Died of wounds Galala War Cemetery yes
Thomas William Richard TX8018 10/02/1942 Malaya Presumed   no
Thompson Albert Henry TX6093 19/06/1945 POW Sandakan Borneo Ulcers Labuan War Cemetery yes
Thompson Francis Winterburn TX5912 24/06/1944 POW torpedoed Jap transport Drowned   no
Thompson Harold Classen 401864 26/09/1942 Germany Flying Battle Missing Memorial yes
Thompson Henry Edward G TX5038 1/06/1942 Kablane     no
Thompson John Rouse TX2560 17/06/1940 Pontville Tasmania Fractured skull Cairns Bay Tasmania grave
Thurley Edgar Roy TX4532 3/12/1943 POW Thailand Beri Beri and malaria Kanburi War Cemetery yes
Ticknell Eric Russell TX3944 12/11/1943 New Guinea illness Bomana War Cemetery yes
Tippett Mervyn Dallas TX3999 13/01/1947   Injuries Devonport Cemetery no
Todd John Evelyn            
Tomkinson Hedley Alfred TX2831 22/02/1942 Timor Body not located   yes
Traill Aubrey Thomas TX4427 1/07/1942 POW torpedoed Montevideo Maru Drowned   yes
Traill Douglas Milne TX5696 18/01/1944 POW Tamarkan Thailand malaria and dysentery Kanburi War Cemetery grave
Travers Archibald Richard 408017 9/04/1942 Sri Lanka Flying Battle Singapore Missing Memorial no
Treanor Geoffrey Gibson TX6649 1/05/1946 Wodonga Victoria Accidental death Albury War Cemetery no
Triffett Ronald Clement TX4389 1/07/1942 POW torpedoed Montevideo Maru Drowned   yes
Truskett Robert Henry 2/40 AIB  22/02/1942 Timor Killed in action   no
Truskett Terrence George 428001 4/03/1945 United Kingdom Flying Accident RAF Cemetery Cambridge no
Tucker Donald Beresford 59315 14/07/1943 Sydney Flying Accident Sydney Missing Memorial no
Tumilty Ross Phillip 408429 7/12/1943 Gunaroo Flying Accident Canberra War Cemetery yes
Turnbull Clifton Victor H/1446  1/03/1942 HMAS Perth (ship lost) Death presumed   yes
Turnbull John Percival TX11902 29/03/1943 Australia Injuries Cremated Carr Villa  no
Turner Albert Benjamin H/1833  1/12/1942 HMAS Armidale (ship sunk) escaped on raft presumed   no
Turner Henry William TX5825 11/06/1943 POW Malaya (Burma) Cholera Thanbyuzayat War Cem no
Turner Robert Campbell 408379 20/12/1943 Germany Flying Battle War Cemetery no
Tuttle Maxwell Thomas TX4690 19/07/1942 Egypt Died from wounds El Alamein War Cemetery yes
Tymms Michael Justin 4222324 21/09/1943 United Kingdom Flying Accident RAF Cemetery Oxford N.Hinksey no



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