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Tasmanian World War 11 Casualties

Surnames O

Name Service Number Death Date Place of Death Cause of Death Burial Photo
Oakden John Edward TX2949 21/02/1942 Timor last seen trying to escape Presumed   yes
Oakford Phillip James 23899 20/11/1941 HMAS Sydney Presumed Killed in Action   no
Oakley Leonard Thomas TX16004 18/09/1945 New Guinea missing overdue aircraft Presumed   no
Oates Donald Walter VX68835 4/09/1943 New Guinea Wounds   yes
O'Brien Stanley George TX2768 22/02/1942 Timor Killed in action Galala War Cemetery yes
Ockerby Harold           no
O'Connor Norton Donald TX5611 28/09/1943 POW Kuie Thailand malaria Kanburi War Cemetery grave
O'Donnell Henry TX4012 22/02/1942 Timor Killed in action   no
O'Donnell Thomas Aubrey H/1384  9/08/1942 HMAS Canberra (ship lost) Presumed dead   no
Oliver Alan Henry 23912 20/11/1941 HMAS Sydney Presumed Killed in Action   no
Oliver Herbert John TX3238 24/06/1944 POW at sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Oliver Rex Robert Dare H/2000 9/08/1942 HMAS Canberra (ship lost) Presumed killed   no
O'Neil Alfred Daniel 388061 5/06/1943 Deniliquin NSW died of injuries Deniliquin War Cemetery grave
O'Reilly Alban Louis TX2748 13/03/1942 Timor Died of illness

Galala War Cemetery

O'Shea Thomas Richard            
O'Toole Thomas Christopher TX12715 1/02/1944 5 AGH Cairns Died from injuries Cairns War Cemetery no
Oxley Donald TX13873 4/10/1945 106 AGH Bonegilla Died from illness Albury War Cemetery no



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