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Tasmanian World War 11 Casualties

Surnames L

Name Service Number Death Date Place of Death Cause of Death Burial Photo
Lade Alan Walter H/2336 6/01/1945 HMAS Australia (hit by suicide plane) Presumed killed   yes
Lambert Norman Granville TX15067 27/11/1943 New Guinea   Bomana War Cemetery yes
Lamp John William T20595   2/11/1943 New Guinea   Bomana War Cemetery yes
Lancaster John Goulburn 401847  8/04/1943 Gulf of Carp Northern Territory Flying Battle Sydney Missing Memorial plaque
Lane Maxwell Derwent H/1486   1/03/1942 HMAS Perth (ship lost) Presumed dead   yes
Lane Thomas H Teston 408285 25/06/1943 South Africa Flying Accident Durban (Stellawood) Cemetery no
Langdon Herbert 20860 1/03/1942 HMAS Perth (ship lost) Presumed dead   no
Langford Arthur John TX16367  1/06/1945 Tarakan Borneo Killed in action Sandakan War Cemetery no
Langford George Wm Allen Lt Ran  27/11/1941 HMAS Parramatta (ship torpedoed) Presumed killed   yes
Langmaid Arthur William TX5750 29/01/1946 115 H'Berg Mil Hospital Died of disease Springvale War Cemetery grave
Langworthy Walter D 408157 7/01/1944 United Kingdom Flying Accident Bath RAF Cemetery Somerset UK yes
Larsen Maxwell Gilbert TX4298 23/10/1942 New Guinea Killed in action Bomana War Cemetery no
Latham Dennis TX109819 21/12/1943 Australia   Charters Towers War Cemetery yes
Latham Douglas Keith TX2681 28/09/1943 POW Kliang Klai Thailand Killed accidentally

Kanburi War Cemetery

Latham Vane Murray TX5599  12/02/1944 England Meningitis Brookwood Military Cemetery yes
Lawler Dolph James H/1493 1/03/1942 HMAS Perth (ship lost) Presumed dead   no
Lawler Keith Albert TX3638 27/11/1942 New Guinea Killed by Japanese Bomana War Cemetery yes
Lawler Neil Charles H/1318  20/11/1941 HMAS Sydney Presumed Killed in Action   no
Lay Donald William 408248 9/01/1943 Milne Bay New Guinea Flying Battle Bomana War Cemetery no
Leal Lance William S 20471 1/03/1942 HMAS Perth (ship lost) Presumed dead   yes
Leaman Henry David


29/05/1942 Flinders Island Flying Accident Sydney Missing Memorial plaque
Ledger Eric Bernard TX2953 15/08/1943 POW Thailand malaria dysentery Thanbyuzayat War Cem no
Leech Henry Josiah TX2692 9/07/1942 Timor Died of illness Galala War Cemetery no
Leech Victor Norman TX5212 15/02/1942 Malaya Presumed dead   no
Lees Baden Hamilton T2555110   19/05/1943 111 AGH Campbell Town   Tasmanian War Cemetery grave
Leith William Orr TX16062 22/07/1944 115 AGH Australia   Springvale War Cemetery no
Leonard Rita May 97027 6/01/1943 Laverton Victoria Ground Accident Springvale War Cemetery grave
Lette Alfred Edward VX23537 20/04/1941 Greece Killed in action   no
Lette Joseph Royden TX2483 4/03/1942 Java Died of wounds Menteng Pula Dutch Cem. Batavia yes
Lewis Alfred Henry John TX4363 1/07/1942 torpedoed transport Montevideo Maru drowned   yes
Lewis Arndell Neil TX6199 27/12/1943 Tasmania heart failure Cornelian Bay Cemetery yes
Lewis Cyril Richard Neil 3889 20/06/1942 Parkes Flying Accident Cremated Rookwood Cemetery no
Lewis Donald Edwin 400148 21/01/1942 English Channel UK Flying Accident Runnymede (UK) Missing Memorial no
Lewis Edward Louis 31351 1/04/1943 Port Moresby New Guinea Ground Accident Bomana War Cemetery no
Lewis Leslie Raymond 19988 20/11/1941 HMAS Sydney Presumed Killed in Action   no
Lincoln John Thomas Alfred TX2907 21/10/1943 POW Thailand Cardiac beri beri Thanbyuzayat War Cem grave
Ling Jack Nain SX18013 19/9/1943 New Guinea Injuries   yes
Ling Lawrence Trevor TX5386 24/06/1944 Result torpedoing Jap transport Drowned   no
Ling Victor Albert TX5121 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Linnell Edward George VX24415 1/7/1942 South West Pacific Area lost at sea   no
Little Francis Cyril H/2051  3/10/1945 HMAS Yunnan Drowned on duty Hong Kong yes
Little Kenneth Huntley 88113  29/04/1944 Darwin Northern Territory Ground Accident Adelaide River War Cemetery yes
Livingstone Richard Bruce 419273 24/04/1945 N.W.Europe Flying Battle Runnymede (UK) Missing Memorial no
Lloyd John Hansbury Gordon TX3227 21/07/1943 POW Thailand cholera Kanburi War Cemetery grave
Lockard Terence Godfrey 23173  20/11/1941 HMAS Sydney Presumed Killed in Action   yes
Lockett John Stanford TX4879 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki drowned   no
Lockett Roy John TX1270 18/06/1941 Syria   Beyrouth British War Cemetery yes
Lockwood Walter Edward TX5540 1/11/1942 Middle East   El Alamein War Cemetery yes
Lord Peter Redgrave 408486 6/10/1944 Germany Flying Battle Reichswald Forest War Cem.Cleves yes
Lovell John Henry 408145 7/11/1942 North West Europe Flying Battle Champignol-Lez-Monderville France yes
Lovell Leslie Lewis TX4448 1/07/1942 On board Montevideo Maru Drowned   yes
Low Peter Morris 428142 20/10/1944 Germany Flying Battle Durnbach War Cemetery grave
Lowe Ronald Claude TX5861 20/05/1942 Timor illness (tropical ulcers) Galala War Cemetery no
Lowenstein William 22487 20/11/1941 HMAS Sydney Presumed Killed in Action   yes
Luck William Bertram 149289 29/01/1945 New Guinea Flying Accident Lae Missing Memorial no
Luck William Trevor H/1512  31/01/1946 HMAS Perth (ship lost) Presumed dead   yes
Ludbey Ralph Burton TX4457 5/11/1943 Sandakan Borneo POW Dysentery Sabuan War Cemetery yes
Lunson Lewis Ryland TX14366  9/05/1945 Tarakan Borneo Killed in action Sandakan War Cemetery grave
Lynch Henry Charles 23048 21/11/1944 HMAS Yarra (missing loss of ship) Presumed dead   no
Lynch Stephen Maxwell 22585 20/11/1941 HMAS Sydney Presumed Killed in Action   no



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