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Tasmanian World War 11 Casualties

Surnames H

Name Service Number Death Date Place of Death Cause of Death Burial Photo
Hadfield Ronald Patrick TX1227 11/05/1945 Aitape New Guinea Killed in action   no
Hale Alfred Thomas Bruce 4708 10/05/1941 Egypt Flying Battle Chatby Military Cem Alexandria no
Hale William James TX4826 20/07/1943 POW Kinsaike Thailand Acute enteritis Kanburi War Cemetery yes
Haley Peter John 438006  12/02/1945 Canada Flying Accident North Battlefield Cem Canada yes
Hall Charles 363 9/02/1947 Heidelberg Victoria died of injuries Springvale War Cemetery no
Hall Edward John 2208 3/06/1941 Laverton Victoria died of injuries Werribee Cemetery no
Hall Jack TX3046 13/06/1945 Brunei Bay Accidentally killed Labuan War Cemetery no
Hall Joseph George TX2735 19/02/1942 Timor     yes
Hall Stanley John 24453 27/11/1941 HMAS Parramatta(ship torpedoed) Presumed killed    no
Hallam Stanley Raymond TX2361 26/06/1943 POW Hintock Thailand llness and injuries Kanburi War Cemetery yes
Hamilton Edgar Richard TX2602 28/01/1943 New Guinea   Wau Wau Cemetery yes
Hampton Victor Alfred TX5574 15/09/1943 New Guinea   Lae War Cemetery no
Hancox Peter Samuel Lt.Ran   1/03/1942 HMAS Perth (ship lost) Presumed dead   no
Hansen Jack H.807 31/10/1941 SS King Malcolm (ship lost) Presumed dead   yes
Harbottle Phillip F Grant 408012 12/07/1942 Queensland Flying Accident Ipswich War Cemetery grave
Harding Kenneth Rex TX2294 13/01/1945 Strathpine Australia   Lutwyche War Cemetery yes
Hardstaff Roy Albert TX5821 14/04/1945 POW Borneo     yes
Hardy Geoffrey Ronald TX5607 31/05/1945 POW Ranau Borneo     yes
Hardy Keith Mollineaux TX4402 1/07/1942 torpedoed transport Montevideo Maru     yes
Harman Roy Arthur           no
Harington Kelston Ross H/1513 4/03/1942 HMAS Yarra (missing loss of ship) Presumed dead   plaque
Harper Harold Stanley J TX3370 21/09/1942 Palestine   Gaza War Memorial no
Harper Noel James 430167 13/09/1943 Point Cook Flying Accident Springvale War Cemetery grave
Harris Alan McGuire TX110 9/05/1943   Died from injuries Albury War Cemetery no
Harris Amos George T255419 7/09/1942 Camp HQ Brighton   Huonville Congregational yes
Harris John East TX347 1/01/1943 New Guinea Body not located Buna area no
Harris John MacKenzie O 408129 5/09/1942 Sweden Flying Battle Overlulea Churchyard Sweden no
Harris Kennington J Hythe 408163 4/01/1943 North West Europe Flying Battle Uden War Cemetery Holland no
Harris Trevor Myles TX4066 21/03/1942 Timor     yes
Harrison Alan Lindsay 408190 29/10/1944 Netherlands East Indies Flying Battle Northern Territory Missing Memorial yes
Harrison Brian Reginald 67172 27/03/1944 Sydney   Rookwood War Cemetery yes
Harrison Frank John TX2660 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   yes
Harrison Maxwell Charles 408093 14/01/1943 Middle East Flying Battle El Alamein War Cemetery no
Harrison Robert Ronald TX2696 17/08/1943 POW Timor Accidentally drowned   yes
Hart Robert Arthur 408257 19/06/1944 United Kingdom Flying Battle Runnymede (UK) Missing Memorial no
Hart Thomas Frank TX4868 30/06/1943 POW Malaya Cholera Kanburi War Cemetery grave
Hartnett William Scott TX952 31/08/1942 Milne Bay New Guinea Killed in action Bomana War Cemetery yes
Harvey Leonard William TX5689 12/11/1942 Middle East   El Alamein War Cemetery no
Haslock Hubert Frederick 408294 16/02/1943 Scotland Flying Accident Sleepy Hill Cem Montrose Scotland yes
Hawkes Ellis Cedric TX4166 1/06/1942 POW Timor Died of illness Kakakona Galala War Cemetery yes
Hawksley Eric Norman 30764 5/04/1941 Melbourne Ground Accident Carr Villa Cemetery yes
Hawson Edward John TX860 2/01/1943 New Guinea   Bomana War Cemetery yes
Hay Gerald Thomas           yes
Hay John Douglas 408066 10/11/1942 Burma Flying Battle Singapore Missing Memorial yes
Hay John William H.795   6/06/1942 HMS President Presumed dead   no
Hay Gordon Peter           no
Hay Phillip Carisle 408105 26/01/1942 Malaya Flying Battle Singapore Missing Memorial yes
Hay Trevor Neil 56177 28/01/1945 New Guinea Flying Accident Bomana War Cemetery no
Haydon Lawrence Thomas T23000 27/02/1942 11AGH Tasmania Peri-caritis Ulverstone Cemetery no
Hayes Alfred George TX4317 26/10/1942 Middle East   El Alamein War Cemetery yes
Hayes Frederick William TX5938 24/06/1945 POW Malaya   Kranji War Cemetery no
Hayes Hedley James TX12812 6/10/1945 102 AGH Qld Died from fractured skull Lutwyche War Cemetery grave
Hayter Reginald Hilton NX49025 17/05/1945 POW Korea Japan Illness   no
Haywood Albert Leonard TX5104 10/11/1944 POW Fukuoka Japan ex Timor illness croup and pneumonia Labuan War Cemetery no
Haywood George James H/1453  20/11/1941 HMAS Sydney Presumed Killed in Action   no
Hazelwood Algernon Lyell TX128 10/04/1941 Middle East   Tobruk War Cemetery yes
Headlam Roswell Aubrey 408075 24/01/1942 Burma Flying Accident Rangoon War Cemetery no
Heath Jack 408309 12/06/1943 North West Europe Flying Battle Jonkerbos War Cem. Holland no
Heathcote Donald Elvin TX5316 3/05/1942 Timor Died of illness Galala War Cemetery no
Heazlewood Edward Lance TX3206 11/07/1941 Middle East   Ismailia Military Cemetery no
Heffernan Claude Alexander H/1381  9/10/1943 HMS Panther Presumed Killed in Action   yes
Hellewell Laurence Harry 30441 2/07/1943 East Coast of Australia Flying Accident Sydney Missing Memorial plaque
Helm Edward TX4521 15/02/1942 Malaya became missing   yes
Henderson Edward Charles TX5317 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Henley Frank Leleu T253529 25/12/1941 115AGH Melbourne Cystitis Cremated Fawkner Crematorium yes
Hepburn Allan John TX5881 22/02/1942 Timor Killed in action Penfoie Air Field no
Herbert James Joseph 428007 6/11/1943 England Flying Battle Mil Cem Surrey Eng no
Herrick Eli Hedley 88414  10/12/1945 Borneo Flying Accident Labuan War Cemetery no
Hicks Francis Leslie 408207 19/02/1943 United Kingdom Flying Accident St John the Baptist Wroughton Wilts grave
Higginbottom Roy 8503 14/02/1945 Cunderdin West Australia Flying Accident Perth War Cemetery yes
Hill Dennis Robert 408283 30/12/1943 Italy Flying Battle Bari War Cemetery no
Hill Garnett Joseph H27/25 11/02/1945 HMAS Nizam Presumed drowned   no
Hill John Francis TX2288 4/03/1942 Java Killed in action Dutch War Cemetery Batavia yes
Hill Lewis William T235230 7/06/1942 A Detention Barracks   Bagdad Church of England grave
Hill Markwell Jack TX5420 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Hinds Cedric TX2940 22/02/1942 Timor Killed in action   no
Hite Tasman Frank T255675 3/03/1940     Wynyard Cemetery no
Hobson Alick Stanley T28453 8/07/1942     Devonport Cemetery no
Hodgetts Everett Charles TX2918 12/01/1943 New Guinea     grave
Hodgman Vincent Henry TX5338 22/04/1942 Timor Died of illness Galala War Cemetery no
Hoffman Vernon Victor T25310 21/03/1942     Cambridge Congregational Cemetery no
Hofto Thomas Halvor 428187  1/04/1945 United Kingdom died of injuries Bath RAF Cemetery Somerset UK grave
Hogan Ernest TX8368   14/04/1942 Timor Died of illness Galala War Cemetery yes
Hogue Jack Henry T24591 25/05/1942 Tasmania Accidentally killed Tasmanian War Cemetery grave
Holland William Edward TX16160 11/03/1945 Bougainville Died of wounds Bomana War Cemetery no
Holloway Benjamin Huon TX8112 23/10/1943 POW Burma dysentery malnutrition Thanbyuzayat War Cem yes
Holmyard Trevor Richard TX812 17/07/1942 Egypt     no
Homan Stanley Mervyn TX1948 22/03/1942 Middle East   El Mina Tripoli Syria no
Hood John McGeachie 408041 18/01/1942 Singapore Flying Battle Kranji War Cemetery no
Hope Arthur Lawrence TX4533 25/01/1945 Ravenshoe Queensland   Atherton War Cemetery no
Hopewell Arthur James            
Horne Gratten Dennis TX8103   5/11/1944 POW Borneo Malaria & meningitis Sandakan War Cemetery yes
Horne Leslie John 40506 18/12/1942 Middle East Ground Battle Benghazi War Cemetery no
Horton Clive John TX3715  21/02/1942 Timor trying to escape   no
Horton Reginald Charles H/1354 1/03/1942 HMAS Perth (ship lost) Presumed dead   no
House Walter           no
Howard Lance Wallace TX6737 27/03/1944 111AGH Campbell Town   Launceston War Cemetery no
Howard Wilfred James TX15192 16/05/1945 Aitape New Guinea Killed in action Lae War Cemetery no
Howe Albert Edward TX5411 24/04/1943 POW Tarso Thailand Died of illness Kanburi War Cemetery grave
Howe Frederick William TX3449 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Hudson Charles Douglas 22559 21/11/1944 HMAS Yarra (missing loss of ship) Presumed dead   no
Hudson Frank TX1468  26/09/1941 Egypt   Salum Halfaya Cemetery yes
Hudson George TX5082  8/05/1942 Timor Died of illness Galala War Cemetery yes
Hudspeth Donald George 408440  5/03/1945 Germany Flying Battle Hanover War Cemetery no
Hughes Colin Alexander T259990 26/12/1944 Tasmania Died of illness Tasmanian War Cemetery grave
Hughes Thomas Edward G TX2578  8/03/1942 Timor Died of wounds Galala War Cemetery yes
Hughes Wm Aubrey Burnett TX4570  22/02/1942 Timor Killed in action  


Huntington Charles Douglas TX4039 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Hurd Harold Rupert TX2846  22/02/1942 Timor Killed in action   yes
Hutchison Ross Orlando 408209 31/07/1942 India died of injuries Maynamata War Cem Pakistan


Hutton Wallace Kenneth 408296 20/01/1944 Germany Flying Battle Berlin War Cemetery





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