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Tasmanian World War 11 Casualties

Surnames G

Name Service Number Death Date Place of Death Cause of Death Burial Photo
Gallagher Tasman Leslie TX4395 22/01/1942 Rabaul Killed in action   yes
Gardam Clifford William TX5745 27/07/1943 Malaya cholera Kanburi War Cemetery grave only
Gardam Dora Shirley TFX2183 4/04/1945 POW Banka Island Beri beri Malaria Batavia War Cemetery yes
Gardiner Colin Royce TX8324 


New Guinea Died from wounds Bomana War Cemetery no
Gardiner Leonard Gordon TX5102  24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Garnett Kenneth James E Bdr Unit  1/07/1942 On board Montevideo Maru Drowned   no
Garrett William John TX5854 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Gaskell John Malcolm   20/7/1943       yes
Gatenby David Welcome TX1401 24/04/1941 Middle East     yes
Gatenby Norman Roy TX2123 22/02/1942 Timor Killed in action Galala War Cemetery yes
Geappen James T Thorpe 31289 29/08/1942 Milne Bay New Guinea Ground Battle Port Moresby Missing Memorial no
Geappen Noel Sherrin 408074 16/02/1942 Sumatra Flying Battle Singapore Missing Memorial no
Geason Alan Joseph TX3688  24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Geason Vincent Joseph TX1002 31/08/1942 New Guinea Milne Bay   Bomana War Cemetery yes
Geeves Bruce Colin 428016 21/01/1945 India Flying Battle Maynamata War Cem Pakistan yes
Gellie Herbert Harry RANVR 25/04/1944 HMAS Huon (Campbell Town) Died of illness Hobart War Cemetery grave only
Gentleman Cyril Thomas TX11848 5/07/1945 Aitape New Guinea Killed in action Lae War Cemetery no
Gibbons Alan TX6401 31/03/1945 Royal Hobart Hospital   Cremated Cornelian Bay grave only
Giblin Robert           no
Gibson Kenneth John TX10924  25/04/1943     Springvale War Cemetery no
Gifford Stanley Houghton RANVR 21/10/1941 HMS Gladiolus (overdue ship) Presumed dead   no
Gilbert Eric Kenneth 408281 8/05/1942 Werribee Flying Accident Cornelian Bay Cemetery grave only
Gill Malcolm Eric TX3760 14/09/1943 Tarso Thailand Dysentery Black River Fever Kanburi War Cemetery grave only
Gill Neil Stewart 408123 26/01/1942 Malaya Flying Battle Singapore Missing Memorial no
Gill Reginald Thomas 408367 25/02/1944 France Flying Battle Choloy War Cemetery yes
Gill Trevor Max TX3614 12/08/1943 Kinsaike Thailand Cholera Beri Beri Kanburi War Cemetery grave only
Gillam Arnold Bruce 408399 12/03/1944 New Guinea area Flying Battle War Cemetery grave only
Gilligan Joseph Albert TX8174 21/01/1943 New Guinea     yes
Gittus Albert Leslie TX37 22/04/1941 Middle East     yes
Gleeson Daniel Cornelius TX3659 21/06/1943 New Guinea   Lae War Cemetery no
Godley Colin Cortland 413370 3/08/1943 Germany Flying Battle Becklingen Soltau Germany no
Good Keith Maxwell TX8450 5/05/1945 Fukuoka Camp Japan Carcinoma and Beri Beri Labuan War Cemetery no
Goodluck Leonard Clive TX5649 20/01/1943 New Guinea   Bomana War Cemetery yes
Gorringe Douglas Lowther 408040 8/10/1942 New Guinea Flying Battle Port Moresby Missing Memorial no
Goss Gerald Bruce TX4490 12/09/1944 On board torpedoed Jap transport     no
Goss Leonard William TX731 30/06/1942 Australia   Toogoolawah Cemetery Qld yes
Goss Leslie Transvaal           no
Goss Ronald Charles TX12968 9/05/1945 Bougainville   Bomana War Cemetery yes
Gough Roy Kenneth TX4323 21/11/1943 POW Kaburi Thailland disease tropical tumor Kanburi War Cemetery grave only
Gould Reginald James TX4522 21/01/1943 New Guinea   Bomana War Cemetery yes
Goyne Alan Kenneth 428043 19/07/1943 Meredith Victoria Flying Accident Springvale War Cemetery yes
Grant Donald Peter TX15808 1/08/1944 New Guinea Accidentally drowned Lae War Cemetery yes
Grant Joseph Henry TX2918 25/06/1942 POW Timor   Galala War Cemetery no
Gray Oberlin Benjamin  408225 23/04/1942 Timor  Flying Battle Northern Territory Missing Memorial yes
Green Denis Maxwell TX5906 22/06/1945 Sumatra Acute enteritis Medan Dutch War Cemetery no
Green James Tasman 31528 26/04/1942 Benalla Vic Ground Accident Benalla Cemetery yes
Green John Rex 24372 20/11/1941 HMAS Sydney Presumed Killed in Action   no
Green Raymond Sydney 408110 14/04/1943 Jervis Bay New South Wales Flying Accident Nowra War Cemetery yes
Green Vernon John TX5036 23/05/1941 Middle East   Libya no
Green Vernon William TX5906 1/01/1945 New Guinea   Soputa War Cemetery yes
Gregg Rex Thorpe TX5906 3/05/1941 Middle East   Tobruk War Cemetery yes
Gregory Raymond Trevor 408348 4/09/1943 North West Europe Flying Battle Berlin War Cemetery no
Gregson Gerald Gelley TX10572 26/12/1944 Queensland Died of injuries Cairns War Cemetery grave
Grey Laurie TX3714 16/09/1943 Tamarkand Hospital Thailand Beri Beri Dysentery Kanburi War Cemetery grave
Griffiths Daniel Brooke 30185 28/04/1943 United Kingdom Flying Accident Kinloss Abbey Kinloss Scotland yes
Griffiths William Clifford TX5015 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Griggs Colin Dudley TX4303 8/12/1943 New Guinea   Lae War Cemetery yes
Griggs John Derwent TX10039 29/03/1945 New Guinea   Lae War Cemetery no
Groom Rae 408144 21/05/1942 United Kingdom Flying Battle West Cem. Darlington no
Grundy Maxwell Charles TX4446 1/07/1942 At sea on board Montevideo Maru     no
Guilbert John Sydney TX6564 11/04/1946 102 AGH Qld Addison's disease Lutwyche War Cemetery no
Gunn Alfred George TX1135 24/04/1941       no
Gunton Kenneth George TX3249 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Gunton Walter Alec          




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