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Tasmanian World War 11 Casualties

Surnames F

Name Service Number Death Date Place of Death Cause of Death Burial Photo
Fahey Jack Patrick TX2008 25/07/1942 Middle East Died from wounds Heliopolis Military Cemetery no
Farquhar Edward Ralph TX12772  16/07/1945 Balikpan Borneo Killed in action Sandakan War Cemetery yes
Featherstone Arthur Leonard TX4794 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Feltham Eric   4/11 New Guinea Killed in action   yes
Fenton Gordon Kenneth H/2118  21/10/1944 HMAS Australia (hit by suicide plane) Died of wounds At sea yes
Fenton Maxwell William TX5873 8/11/1943 POW Burma Dysentery Thanbyuzayat War Cem yes
Fenton Vivian Neville 5859 26/06/1945 Borneo Ground Battle Labuan War Cemetery yes
Ferguson Angus           yes
Ferguson Bernard David B 22734 1/03/1942 HMAS Perth (POW Java Camp) Reported missing   yes
Ferris George Raymond TX4456 22/03/1945 POW Sandakan Borneo Died from illness   yes
Field Raymond Victor TX5006 21/02/1942 Timor Killed in action   no
Fielding Tom Illenden 408142 12/06/1942 United Kingdom Ground Battle Brookwood Mil Cem Surrey Eng grave only
Filbee John Stevenson NX17332 12/9/1943 New Guinea Killed in action   yes
Filleul Reginald Percy TX1647 3/04/1941 Middle East Libya Killed in action Acroma Military Cemetery yes
Findlay Dick Ronald TX5648 10/07/1944 POW Changi Malaya Peri Carditis Kranji War Cemetery no
Fitzallen Alan Herbert TX2970 28/10/1942 At sea (South West Pacific Area) Presumed   no
Fitzallen Wilkins TX3482  23/10/1942 POW Timor escaped & recaptured Possibly executed   yes
Fitzgerald Joseph Bruce TX4367 1/07/1942       yes
Fitzgerald Henry Parker Flt Lt 18/12/1939 Richmond New South Wales Flying Accident Cremated Sydney Ashes Cornelian Bay no
Fitzgerald Lancelot Lloyd 88417 7/02/1945 East Sale Victoria Flying Accident Sale War Cemetery yes
Fitzmaurice Errol Francis TX2401 08/031942 Timor Died of wounds Galala War Cemetery no
Flanagan Andre Lionel T42064 16/07/1945 Records Office Coronory occlusion Cornelian Bay Cemetery grave only
Flannery Ronald Alfred TX5185 14/09/1944 Phillipines when went missing Presumed drowned   no
Fleming Francis Anthony TX948 7/02/1942 Palestine Died from illness Gaza British War Memorial Cemetery no
Fletcher Hugh Ronald George TX2688 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   no
Foley Max James 408143 27/07/1942 North West Europe Flying Battle Becklingen Soltau Germany no
Foody James Peter 30293 1/12/1945 India died of injuries Bhowanipore Cem. Calcutta no
Ford Errol Hector S/3024 20/07/1942 HMAS Westralia  Drowned Fremantle Karakatta War Cem no
Forrest Allan Frederick 31095 30/11/1942 Darwin area Flying Battle Northern Territory Missing Memorial no
Forster James TX5045 28/09/1943 POW killed accidentally Rail accident Kanburi War Cemetery grave only
Foster David Henry TX16159  15/03/1945 Bougainville Killed in action Bomana War Cemetery no
Foster Ronald Percy TX152 29/12/1942 New Guinea   Bomana War Cemetery grave only
Fowler Cedric Allan TX5407 14/05/1943 Aboard the "Centaur" Drowned   ship
Fox Clyde Harold           yes
Frankcomb John Clarence 401115 14/09/1942 United Kingdom Flying Battle Markam Cemetery Norfolk grave only
Franklin Henry William TX5196 31/08/1942 New Guinea Milne Bay   Bomana War Cemetery yes
Franks Neville Lawrence TX3437 1/08/1943 Kinsaike Thailand Cholera Kanburi War Cemetery grave only
Freeland Sydney Peter TX5025 27/06/1945 Kinsaike Thailand Acute enteritis Kanburi War Cemetery grave only
Freeman Harold John   28/02/1946 111 AGH Tasmania Illness  Tasmanian War Cemetery grave only
Freeman Herbert George TX2220 24/06/1944 At sea near Nagasaki Drowned   yes
French Colin Campbell NX153902 26/02/1945 New Guinea Killed in action   no
French Stanley Lloyd TX35 13/04/1941 Middle East   Tobruk War Cemetery yes
Fulton James McNichol TX5795 9/09/1943 POW Malai Camp Malaya malaria Thanbyuzayat War Cem no
Furmage Lyell Stewart TX5236 28/06/1944 Malaya Beri Beri Dysentery Kranji War Cemetery  



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